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Spring/Summer 2015 Edition of SOLE COMMERCE

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Hello Darlings, Welcome Back to Cognac's Corner Magazine
Photos and Article  by Patricia Parenti
On September 14-16, 2014 I attended the Spring/Summer 2015 edition of SOLE COMMERCE  part of COTERIE which is a world renowned trade show and one of the many trade shows ENK INTERNATIONAL representsat the Jacob Javits Center in NYC.  Sole Commerce is a show about upscale and unique lines of shoes/bags/boots that are of high quality and well made. I picked vendors to interview that I thought had fashion forward styles that the consumer would want but never seen and not big labels that were already out in the stores.
ROCKWELL THARP- Boots with handbags and belts to match are true works of art hand crafted in South America and Europe. Artist created bags (photo above) take one lady 21 days to make. Some of the exotic skins used are crocodile and Brazilian Python. The first two photos are western style boots with embroidery on hair calf and brocade textiles. Fourth photo is leopard print hair calf with boots featured on the Chief Executive Cameron P. Tharp's feet.  All the boots have honey comb leather on the inside with custom zippers that are smooth and easy to zip up for ladies. Soles are all leather with Good-year welts (the outer edge of the boot where it meets the sole.) This company doesn't ship in boxes but uses duster bags (great to carry your boots in your suitcase for travel) to save space and shipping price. Boot styles are knee hi, ankle, over the knee with flat and stiletto heels.  I guess I'm not the only one who thinks these are the most gorgeous boots I've ever seen in all my years in the fashion business because the company has made boots for the bands Heart, Survivor and Quiet Riot. Retail prices $350.00 and up. Store locater and to order ;
Lauren Lorraine-I had the pleasure of interviewing a"shoe industry pro and Icon" Av L. Goodman (in the first photo holding a sample in his line) that has been in the business for over 30 years. Lauren Lorraine is his partner and founded the line with him. They started with bridal shoes that weren't competitive with the big labels" such as Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson that were already out in the market. There after they expanded in into prom and special occasion shoes. The boots in the beige and black (2nd photo) are adorned with nail-head/studs, retail for about $129.00  and are very comfortable to wear.  The middle boot in beige has a wide calf that is perfect to wear with skinny jeans or leggings. The black sequin stretch boots (2nd photo) can be worn 3 ways - over the knee, to the knee or scrunched down to the ankle, Retail $139.00 which is a great value for the many ways you can wear them. In the last photo the styles are made with AB stones, lace mesh with rhinestone trim and all over sparkle with rhinestones on the T Strap style, Retail $89.00-$119.00. All the shoes are made in China but are very high quality. These very feminine and lady like shoes can be bought at and Kleinfield Bridal Stores. For more information
CECCONELLO-  This line was started a former weatherman on Univision TV for 15 years in Houston. It all happened while shopping in Lucha a men's clothing boutique where the owner asked him if he wanted to buy the store and he did.  Customers asked for women's clothing and he tried to but found it too complicated.  He decided shoes are what women loved the most. So being trained engineer he decided to make comfortable/sexy shoes at the same time so the line was launched. 1950's thru the 1980's vintage inspired glamour from an era when people dressed is what this line is all about.  Made in Brazil in a factory that the company is part owner. Comfort features are leather uppers with padded soles and dimple in the heel of the shoe so the heel of the foot sits and doesn't move around.  Retail around $355.00 to buy
HEART SOUL- a line of day into evening shoes and boots. Comfort features are padded soles with a slightly wider toe box. I own a pair of shoes from this brand and have worn them at NYC fashion week standing for 10 hours in total comfort.  All the shoes and high boots have lazar cutouts and micro suede booties have rhinestone embellishments on the lazar cutouts.  Micro suede pumps are replicas of 1980's styles with their high vamp.  Very pretty and  affordable styles Retail $49.00 - $110.00 and sold at and select Macy stores.
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Patricia Parenti

Nolcha Fashion Week

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Hello Darlings, Welcome Back to Cognac's Corner Magazine
On Tuesday, February 18, 2014 my stylist Patricia Ann Parenti attended the Nolcha Fashion Lounge + Media Brunch at The Empire Hotel Rooftop which has a beautiful view of the city. The Empire Hotel is located at 44 West 63 rd Street between Broadway and Columbus Ave. Nolcha Fashion Week is a leading award winning event held during New York Fashion Week for independent fashion designers to showcase their collections to a global audience of press, retailers, stylists and influential fashion industry people.  Industry people were invited to meet and greet independent fashion brands and refreshments from smartwater and Skinnygirl sparklers by Arizona Tea plus with pampering with RUSK. For more information on Nolcha go to:

Patricia picked the designers that she thought had the best and most unusual collections to interview and take photos of at the Media Brunch based on her fashion industry expertise of many years. She was particularly interested in promoting designers  where their products were manufactured in the good old USA  for the simple purpose of having better quality goods and to drum up more jobs in the United States.   
Christian Benner Photos taken by Stylist Patricia Parenti
Christian Benner is from the East Village in NYC and lives and breaths the "rock and roll" lifestyle which is reflected in his leather motorcycle jackets. His inspiration was the history of The Punk Rock/CBGB club scene from the 1970's and 1980's. He liked the fact that the scene had no rules and everyone watched each others backs. In today's fashion world he wasn't seeing any clothes reflecting that era out there so he he decided to start a revolution and create rock and roll style jackets/boots himself. The jackets start out as plain Buffalo hide leather which he hand paints and puts studs on with his bare hands and pliers. Each jacket takes about a week to create and they are one of a kind that retail for about a $1,000.00. He also hand-makes leather boots worn by the "punk rockers"  in collaboration with the shoe company Modern Vice right here in The Garment Center in NYC.  Each pair is hand painted and safety pins/chains are painstakingly put in by hand. I lived in the Punk Rock era; went to all the clubs so I know Christian is definitely re-creating the clothes the guys wore then. The collection I absolutely loved. 
For more info please visit

Jess Rizzuti  Photos taken by Stylist Patricia Parenti
Jess Rizzuti is handbag obsessed and because of it she always splurged on bags. This is the reason in 2009 she went into this business and because of her art background. She is a hands on person whom loves to work in conjunction with the factory right here in NYC. For years handbags were made right here in the city until the 1980's when they went to China and now there is a major resurgence of NYC manufacturing. No basic styles for Jess for she likes to use color and fabrics/leathers with interesting textures. Some of the materials she uses are leather, velvet, cork, cotton and silk. She matches the outside of the bag with silk dupioni and African print linings. Since she is a working girl, she knows you need inside pockets and zip compartments on the inside so your keys and cell phone don't fall out when you walk the streets of NYC, suddenly stop and open your purse. By drawing the shape of a bag around the contents of what she carries on a daily basis in her own bag which is sitting in a pile on the floor she really learns a women's handbag needs.  With all my Accessory business expertise I feel she has a great quality collection that is both functional and attractive. The bags retail from $275.00-$700.00 but will last for many years to come. To see the many styles and order go to:
Adolfo Sanchez  photos taken by Stylist Patricia Parenti
A returning designer that is one of my favorite also made in USA. Adolfo Sanchez makes his beautiful ladylike collection right in Los Angeles, California. His collection was mainly in black and white colors for the Fall/Winter 2014 season. The rich luxurious textiles he used were sequins covered with lace, hand painted leather, mesh and velvet. A special item was a cocktail jacket using the inside part of the lace covered sequin fabric for the outside body of the jacket. These clothes are for very feminine, glamorous and sexy dolls (women) whom want to look outstanding and not blend in with the crowd. He specializes in day into evening suits and red carpet gowns that make a women's curves stand out. His style is definitely my idea of dressing to go out in at night. Retail prices for day $250.00 - $500.00 and night $900.00 and up but well worth the price considering the quality, workmanship and design of the clothes.
for more info please visit 
Christopher Belt in NYC  - Photos taken by Stylist Patricia Parenti
3S even and 8 is bag line designed by Christopher Belt in NYC using the best leathers sourced form Florence and Pisa, Italy. The leathers of choice were lambskin, patient finished with a very special process to the leather called craccato which is to spray suede hides with patina and various other finishes with an intention of it cracking and rubbing away with time. The material on top rubs away slowly where used and the beautiful colors from beneath come out. The hardware on the bags is solid nickel so it doesn't tarnish or rust. Shapes are feminine and curvy with decorative topstiching. Spring-Summer 2014 collection is about color blocking in pastel tones with iridescent and metallic finishes. Christopher's inspiration is from the materials used in Architect Antoni Gaudi's Spanish structures. These bags are beautiful, classic and ladylike but practical with inside pockets and a clip for keys.  Retail prices $345.00-$695.00 and of the highest quality leather that will last a life time. To see more styles and learn more about the designer go to:
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Liberty Fashion and Lifestyle Fairs

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Hello Darlings, Welcome Back to Cognac's Corner Magazine
I attended the second edition of Liberty Fashion and Lifestyle Fairs in the mist of a blizzard.

This took place January 21-23, 2014 at 541, 545 and 548 West 22nd Street
in New York City The motto of this show is about freedom. This show brings together the most forward thinking brands and pairs them with the buyers that are looking for the newest men's fashions and lifestyle products in the market. The vendors I picked to interview had products which I feel had new designs on classic styles.
This hat company was established in 1898 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I had the pleasure to learn all about what is trending in the men's hat business from one of my very close friends Giovanni Cassinelli who represents this line in the North East. This guy is pro on the hat business and told me the company decided to bring 5 panel caps because they saw they started selling more than fedoras which not everyone could afford. With the clothing market being a throwback in fashion to the 1980's and 1990's they decided to bring back baseball caps which were a major fashion statement back then and retail for $35.00. Some of the other styles he said they were becoming in fashion were duck bills and Ivy League Caps. For more information look the company up on Facebook.
The company started with the Hip Hop Industry from the 1970's and 1980's in the South Bronx, NY as a sub-culture in the street. Currently Cazal is being worn by famous Hip Hop artist and movie stars.  In the booth Bert Rosado (salesman) told me that the street culture youth in NYC buy the eyeglasses at retail from $45.00 to $600.00. They are made in Germany.  The Legends Collection is 24K triple plated gold on the frames and is vintage inspired eye-wear from the 1970's and 1980's. To order call 800-645-3710. BUT FIRST GO SEE the collection
Unisex jewelry which is oriented toward men and designed to have all the pieces worn together. Shane (the designer) got his inspiration while backpacking thru Southeast Asia. While there he asked someone to make a piece of jewelry from a sketch he did. He had so much fun with being part of the making of this he decided to do it full time. In 2011 he and two friends in Canada started the company. The line has an architectural feel that uses materials such as stainless steel, tungsten (which is the strongest metal on the planet) and ceramic that retails from $40.00 - $50.00.
Authentic reproductions in baseball clothing which is based on actual uniforms from 1900- 1970 that were mainly made out of wool.  This line looks like like the vintage samples the booth had in it and based on research that Jerry Cohen (the President of the company) did. Everything is Made in USA just like all the uniforms of years ago were. He focuses on parts of history not known such as The Negro League which is an obscure league. His attention to detail can be found in the baseball caps which are lined in Buckram and the outer part made out of Wool Broadcloth which is the same fabrics the caps were made in from in the original uniforms. Some of the other styles in the line were vintage satin jackets, wool sweaters, wool jackets and wool baseball shirts. You can wear these clothes to go to a baseball game or everyday.
This line was a part of the section Freedom Hall and freedom is the motto of the Liberty Show.  Cindy Poole designs and manufactures in Capetown, South Africa a line of small leather goods made in cow skin and bovine.  She only employees factories that are women owned to do her work which is crafted by hand. Her inspiration is with men in mind but it appeals to women who like menswear and men who have a refined sensibility. Retail prices $100.00 - $400.00
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Friends of Henry Golis-Wish You A Merry Christmas

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The Friends of Henry Golis-Wish You A Merry Christmas, a collection of original songs, is fast becoming a classic potpourri of must-have music for the winter holiday season. It features the Jordanaires, a well-known back-up group for the legendary Elvis, as well as other artists associated with popular standards.
The Jordanaires’ rendition of the original piece, “The Chapel On The Hill,” is one of the most memorable songs on the album; it conveys the true spirit of Christmas with both its melody and lyrics. Val Martinez, of Four Seasons' fame, sings a heartwarming “It Will Be A Merry Christmas,”and well-known TV announcer and radio personality, Dick Heatherton, narrates the sentimental song,“Christmas Lights.
Larry Foster, of the renowned Kirby Stone Four, sings the wonderful ballad, “Dream Christmas,” and the rest of the songs have a certain magical quality, just perfect to take one on a sentimental and nostalgic home-at-the-hearth journey throughout the season. 
The album is destined to be an all-time Christmas favorite:
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