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Enjoy Winter French Dishes At Paname NYC Restaurant

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Paname NYC Restaurant

 Chef Bernard Ros and TV Host Cognac Wellerlane toast at Paname NYC Restaurant in Manhattan

Diners who enjoy French contemporary cuisine can still enjoy Paname NYC Restaurant winter menu until the end of the month.  I sat down with Chef Bernard Ros as he explained some of the signature dishes and favorites among patrons who enjoy hearty winter dishes at this French eatery on the upper east side.

The bouillabaisse is one of the winter treats just waiting to be tasted!  A  wonderful  appetizer to experience is the Lentil salad especially prepared to satisfy  the most ravenous appetite. The food is always amazing with  traditional French favorites on a $39 prix fixe menu, which also includes a la carte items.  

Another hearty French dish to try and is a standard is the French onion soup, steak tartare and crab cakes for the first course...all gorgeous and all delicious!.  Another great appetizer is amuse-bouche made of porcini mushrooms formed into a bite sized pate.

Desserts are also very fabulous on a cold winter night!  The creme brulee at Paname is really the best dessert on the menu. It's super rich and creamy on the inside with a hard iced sugary shell and I also detected a few dashes of cocoa powder on top and a lovely presentation with fresh mint, whipped cream, and a slice strawberry. My husband went with the apple tarte and the moment he took a bite I saw his eyes sparkle. He said it was the most delicious apple tarte he had ever tasted.  It is especially delicious served warm with melted Tahitian vanilla ice cream surrounding the tarte.

Please come dine and enjoy these winter dishes until the end of the month at Paname NYC:


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