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Inbal Dror and Madame Paulette Presents "Happily Ever After"

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Inbal Dror at Madame  Paulette

TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Realty TV Star Dorinda Medley about the event

Inbal Dror at Madame  Paulette

Tahor Group Founder Tobi Rubinstein and TV Host Cognac Wellerlane pose for a photo-op at the Event Inbal Dror and Madame Paulette Presents "Happily Ever After"

CEO and owner John Mahdessian of Madame Paulette. and TV Host Cognac Wellerlane pose for a photo-op at Inbal Dror and Madame Paulette Presents "Happily Ever After"

Inbal Dror and Madame Paulette presented "Happily Ever After" a fabulous Window Installation for the closing of New York Fashion Week.  This wonderful event was a splendid Cocktail Soiree hosted by Dorinda Medlely and John Mahdessian on Thursday February 16, 2017 at 8PM at Madam Paulette Salon located at 1255 2nd Avenue between 65th and 66th Street in Manhattan.

Inbal is an international innovative designer and a leader in designing Bridal and Evening gowns that exude femininity and elegance which result in a jaw –dropping chic appearance for every bride. Inbal's signature look is a gorgeous low back, resulting in a sexy and feminine feel while maintaining a super classy glamorous look.
Inbal Dror, a graduate of The Shenkar Fashion Art Academy in Tel Aviv, gained experience with haut couture when she went on to work for several years in Milan, Italy where she worked side by side with masters of the trade such as Roberto Cavalli. 
Inbal Dror's designs can be found in exclusive stockists around the world, for more information on your nearest go to

The event was produced by the Tahor Group partnered by Tobi Rubinstein and Nancy Torres Kaufman.

Tahor Group is  women-owned and operated New York-based Fashion Advisory Firm that offers strategic advice, structuring services, and capital raising to designers endeavoring to form and build their own fashion brands. They are proud to be a division of Beacon Capital. Their team has over 30 years of experience combined in the areas of brand placement and finance. Tahor provides advisory services in the scope of finance, brand development, event planning, and media awareness. Located in New York City, their company is a one stop firm for all emerging designer’s needs. 

They are a financial institution that provides advisory services and funding sourcing. Their team is committed to the financial wellbeing for their clients. They  unite trusted high-net worth investors and institutional investors with compatible companies to build new businesses and business networks worldwide. Creating and delivering tailored financial strategy services, They cater to clients such as family offices, small companies, distressed companies, wealthy individuals and startups. 

They excel at identifying synergies between clients and their potential investors/partners, as well as at raising capital. By providing strategic planning support and objective advice in niche markets, They create long-term value for our clients. they take great pride in handling complex financial and strategic matters for private and public companies worldwide with a specific focus on China, Russia, Australia, Israel, Latin America and Cuba* (*real estate and free trade zone), while staying tuned to the constant evolution in capital markets. 

For more information please visit

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