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Stylist Patricia Ann Parenti poses for a photo-op at the 2016 Project The Tents Projectsole Event at the Javitts Center

Project and Projectsole are part of the UBM family of fashion trade shows held at the Javits Center in NYC for industry people only in July 2016. Boutiques, online stores and department stores come here to find the newest and trendiest fashions for the contemporary man. The show is broken down into sections: THE TENTS- top luxury, designer and contemporary menswear around; PROJECT-focus on the younger contemporary market along with the hippest brands in denim; and PROJECTSOLE a curated selection of established shoe designers along with new up and coming brands. Yes, that is me in the above photo dressed to walk the many aisles to find the newest men's fashions for you to buy. All the vendors websites are listed so you can order the styles you see in my photos directly from them. To learn more about Project WWW.PROJECTSHOWNY.COM


We all know I have "The Love of the Glove" because I'm in the ladies vintage glove business and have a small collection of embellished leather gloves that I design for women. It's getting cold out for Winter has just begun in the Northeast  so now is the perfect time to buy these beautiful leather gloves. Trust me you won't be able to find this quality of gloves in the department stores. This is an 80 year old family owned company located in Hestra, Sweden. The Magnusson family owns it's factories in China and Hungary where they have hands on control. Besides dress gloves they make sport gloves for winter sports, cycling gloves, golf gloves and work related gloves for both sexes. The men's collections are: Sport Classic-a rugged fashion look in Scandinavian elk leather lined with wool terry lining; Collection 1- which is casual/sporty in American deerskin and unlined that is a perfect look for Fall to go with corduroy pants and a sport coat for a weekend look on a dapper man; Collection 2- Merino wool lined gloves with nappy sheep leather. Since I'm an expert on gloves I'm going to tell you the features that made these gloves a luxury. 1. Fourchettes which are the points in 3 rows on the back of the gloves to make them fit tight over the hand, 2. hand stitching, 3. table cut gloves meaning each pair is scissors cut by hand. Sizes are S - XXL meaning men's sizes 7-11. Retail prices $120.00 - $475.00 WWW.HESTRAGLOVES.COM


These vegetable tanned leather wallets are water/stain resistant and made in India. The top photo says it all on the reason you need to be caring this style Low Down which is a slim wallet in your pocket! Bellroy was created for better ways for men to carry stuff. The salesman said "If you don't have to think about what is in your pocket it will allow you to roam more freely." A smarter construction is in a their wallets for they use less leather to create a slimmer silhouette for less bulge in men's pockets. Styles consist of Slim Wallets for everyday for cash/cards; cases for phones that store your phone, cash and cards in the cover; and a bigger wallet for travel that will hold all your papers but still fit in your pocket. Second photo is style Micro Sleeve that holds folded bills and 2-6 cards. Third photo is called slim sleeve which features a pull tab for infrequently used cards. All wallets and cases come with a 3 year warranty. Leathers used are naked, dressed and all conditioned. The colors aren't just your ordinary black or brown but an array of browns, tans and blacks. For store locator WWW.BELLROY.COM  or to order direct JOORACCESS.COM/BELLROY


A line of shoes created by "shoe thinkers" designed and crafted in Portugal. A casual collection that has leather or suede uppers/perforated leather and suede mixed sourced in Italy with non skid rubber/leather soles for the guy who wants a hip look without resorting to wearing sneakers with his rolled up jeans. As seen in top/bottom photo some casual styles are driving shoes, loafers, desert boots, sneakers, and oxfords. The dress collection consist of classic wing tips, suede and polished calf mixed, stitched wing tip with textured leather, monk strap shoes with rubber soles and leather soles with rubber in between for comfort. This company uses only ethical sourced leather with good working conditions for it's employees. The leather they use is softened in India because of warmer climate which makes the hides thinner. Retail prices $40.00 -$150.00. Don't you just love the luscious colors they use such as the pastel greens in the bottom photo! Most of the colors are variations of earth tones. You can order these shoes at WWW.EXCEEDSHOES.COM


Photos and article written by Patricia Ann Parenti

Locally made in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for the last 3 years. These pretty bags are made from Italian leathers and American canvas with American made hardware in solid brass alongside metal zippers. Styles consist of backpacks which have front zipper pockets and inside pockets in leather (smart idea for they won't rip) for cell phones and laptops lined in royal blue canvas. Gym bags have outside pockets with large leather pockets inside and are lined in waterproof canvas computer and IPad cases are in Italian leather. Canvas totes have leather handles and trim for durability. Large backpacks are canvas with leather trimming and outside pockets. In the backpacks a drawstring in the canvas lining makes the laptop bag shut tight so laptops don't fall out. Look at the beautiful colors this line is done in. I totally recommend paying the price for these bags because they will last a very very long time for they are of a very high quality and won't wear out fast. Prices $160.00-$350.00. To order WWW.AURELLOMATHEU.COM

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