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Bridgehampton Road Rally and Tour d’Hamptons.

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 Bridgehampton Road Rally and Tour d’Hamptons

Guests gathered at the 2016 Bridgehampton Road Rally and Tour d’Hamptons.

Eligible Cars included automobiles built in 1969 and earlier. Newer vintages were considered on a case-by-case basis. This year’s Rally included a judged show, a parade, a historic trivia quest, and a special timed component. The Rally Route was approximately 60 miles and included four stops to collect poker cards, as well as stops at historic trivia sites. The route took about three hours to complete.

To car enthusiasts, cars are a way of life. They love the sight of shining chrome, the sound of a performance engine, the smell of handcrafted leather and wood. Car enthusiasts love the history and evolution of the automobile. They feel the warm glow of nostalgia when seeing cars from their past. They understand the automobile’s social significance and impact on society. They appreciate the technological advancements in performance, speed and aerodynamics. And they marvel at the sheer beauty of a well-designed classic.

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