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Jackie Rogers 2016 Exclusive Fashion Presentation Collection In Southampton

Welcome Back Darlings To Cognac's Corner Magazine

Jackie Rogers Exclusive 2016 Collection For All Seasons

Alexis Meyer, Regina Kravitz, Lee Fryd and Jackie Rogers upose for a photo-op at Jackie Rogers 2016 Exclusive Fashion Presentation Collection For All Seasons  In Southampton, NY

Actress/Model Debbie Dickinson and TV Host Cognac Wellerlane pose for a photo-op at Jackie Rogers 2016 Exclusive Fashion Presentation Collection For All Seasons  In Southampton, NY

Guest gathered for a Cocktail Reception and Jackie Rogers 2016 Exclusive Fashion Presentation Collection For All Seasons In Southampton, NY on Friday on Friday August 26th 2016.

Jackie's famous quote of all times is “I don’t believe in fashion, I believe in style.”

Her career ran the gamut from big-band singer, Hollywood starlet, denizen of Rome’s la dolce vita in the company of princes and magnates, films for Fellini, Chanel’s favored mannequin, successful New York model, and finally, owner of an innovative Madison Avenue barbershop boutique that set that staid street of shops on its collective ear and transformed the concept of boutiques forever.

Jackie sat down with me and discussed her love of designing and being a creator of beautiful fashion.  We also talked about her days in Italy when Federico Fellini discovered her at a party in Rome

Cognac:  Welcome back darlings, I am Cognac Wellerlane and I am here with this famous fashion designer.  She has been a model and a fashion icon.  She also played in a Federico Fellini Film 8 1/2 Weeks.

Jackie:  That's right.  No it was 8 1/2, just 8 1/2.

Cognac:  I wanted to ask you about that.  How did that happen for you to have a part in that film?

Jackie:  Fellini asked me to be in it that's how that happened.

Cognac:  How did you meet Fellini?

Jackie:  I lived in Rome for quite a while doing films and I met him at a party and he took to me very much.  He really liked me and we became friends.  He did that with a lot of people.  He would put them in his films and and he understood what they were.  He could see how they would react to his direction.

Cognac:  He was brilliant don't you agree?

Jackie:  Yes he was brilliant.

Cognac:  Was this your favorite movie that he made?

Jackie:  I think it was.  I loved "La Dolce Vita"

Cognac:  That was my favorite.

Jackie:  A lot of my friends were in "La Dolce Vita."

That is when I first met him.  When "La Dolce Vita" came out and I met him, I was trying to be very funny and I said "You know I really didn't like that film," and he said "You know I am only an amateur not a professional."

Cognac:  He was being sarcastic.

Jackie:  Of course.

Cognac:  He made so many great films.  Were you friends with him throughout his whole life? 

Jackie:  I was and I came to New York when he had the film showing and Joe Levine was the producer of it and we went to the screening of it and no one understood it.

Cognac:  Well it was so artsy!  It was such a brilliant film.

Jacie:  I think Joe Levine invited all his friends and they didn't comprehend the movie at all but it was a huge success nevertheless.

She went on to add about her career in fashion.

A shopping excursion to Paris changed all that and the direction of her life, forever. JACKIE ROGERS bought her first Chanel suit (“around $600”) and as she stood for the first fitting found herself thinking, “It would be nice to work here.” Upon hearing that Chanel needed models she quickly lined up an interview, “Chanel liked me, hired me on the spot and paid me top dollar.” Rogers left the prince and la dolce vita behind to pursue her dream. Her contract with Chanel was for one year.

At the end of the period, Chanel insisted that she remain. For JACKIE ROGERS, one thing was important: that she work with “Mademoiselle” on the collection. Surprisingly, Chanel agreed and Rogers remained at the House of Chanel, absorbing the style and techniques of her mentor. “It was the greatest experience of my life. I never realized what an effect she had on me.” The effect was to prove lasting.

But Jackie was eager to get home to begin her own career. Against Chanel’s protestations, she returned to New York and her modeling and television work while she investigated the fashion possibilities. “One day I was getting my hair cut at Vidal Sassoon,” she says, “when my hairdresser informed me he was cutting the hair of 250 guys a week at night! Great! I suggested, we get together and work out of my apartment. “He’d cut hair, I’d sell Ken Scott’sincredible men’s shirts”…they were all the rage there in the Sixties.

It was the beginning of a revolutionary concept in merchandising, a barbershop boutique which mushroomed into a Madison Avenue shop proudly displaying the banner, “Jackie Rogers for Men”. The first of-its-kind, it created a whirlwind of publicity and attracted some of the most stellar names of the day: Peter O’Toole, Winthrop Rockefeller, Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas and Woody Allen. Quickly expanding on her brilliant and innovative idea, Jackie began designing fashionable men’s clothes. It became the meeting place of the rich and famous from both coasts and soon the women followed.

Today Jackie still designs beautiful clothes and has several boutiques around the country not to mention an online website where you can purchase her entire line.

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