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Stylist Patricia Parenti at Libery Fairs

LIBERTY FAIRS Took place on January 26-28, 2016 at Pier 94 in NYC. Their next show is July 10 -12, 2016 at the same place. This trade only show features upscale men's clothing, accessories, grooming products, some home wares and furniture for new and up and coming along with some established designers. The show is broken up in sections that pertain to different products that I have mentioned above. Photo above is how I looked to walk the show. Sam-Ben Avraham is the owner (a very nice man also for I've known him from different shows throughout the years) and founder of the show he is always on the forefront of trends. As an industry pro I see this show as always showing the next trend before it hits the mainstream.

Freedom Hall section of the show is about a new group of menswear brands all sharing a common thread of community, creativity and craftsmanship. While I was walking the aisles of this section John the owner of TEXAS ROVER COMPANY came running after me because he heard from other vendors that I interviewed new and unusual brands for my blog. He told me all about his collection of portable chairs that come in natural and black native Texas pecan wood frames with full grain leather/shearling seats were durable enough to withstand exposure to outside elements. The structure is assembled using custom brass bolts and power-coated carbon steel hardware.  All chairs are hand made in Texas. His slogan  "chairs portable enough for a cowboy to carry"  and that state is home to many cowboys.  I sat in the chair the whole interview and I was extremely comfortable. He also makes handsome durable and well made bags for getaway weekends or travel called The Balmorhea Bag. These bags are geared to the modern adventure of the world. What makes these bags so great are Swiss zippers (which are considered best zipper in the world) with added webbing on the outside for strength, 10 ounce canvas linings, and cowhide outers that are water repellent and the great fact is they are made in NYC. Bags retail for $699.00 to $799.00 and chairs $1,599.00. To purchase online

JOSH MEYER PERFUMES is a cute concept based on books by Imaginary Authors and made for men who don't wear perfume. The books tell stories about how the perfume works as a fragrance. The owner was a perfume "Geek" and that's how he got started. Each fragrance is hand blended in Portland Oregon.  Book titles even though imagined are based on vintage books from the first half of the 20th Century. Clever names such as Bull's Blood have fragrance notes such as patchouli, rose, tobacco, black must and costus root.  Other cleaver book titles are Yesterday Haze, Memoirs of Trespasser, Every Storm A Serenade, A city on Fire, The Cobra and The Canary, Violet Disguise, Falling Into The Sea, The Soft Lawn. At the show the fragrance was sprayed on to the corresponding bookmark in front of it meaning the purple label fragrance was sprayed on the purple bookmark. I have all the bookmarks with their matching scent and six months later the scent is still potent. Each bottle is $95.00 retail and you can order

Photos and article by  Patricia Parenti

WE TOOK TO THE WOODS a line of candles handmade in Greenville, South Carolina where they also have a retail store at 106 East Stone Avenue so if you're down there you can pop in and pop out with one of the candles. The South is full of people from Scottish descent so the candles in the first photo are in black glass are with Tartan Plaid packaging which we all know is Scottish. In the second and last photos the candles have Tartan print glass and Tartan Bark. These candles give off a subtle aroma that takes over the whole room. They were lit at the show and I loved the smell so much when I went up to the candles that I decided to interview Mary Campbell (again a Scottish name) whom is a part of the company. Someone is going to be very happy to get one of these candles for a gift because of the beautiful packaging that is hand made. Names of the candles are Alpine Cottage that smells like cabin in a mountain clearing with flowers blooming by the steps of the porch, Blue Jeans, White Shirt which smells like warm linen, herbal tea, vanilla and sandalwood, and Christmas On Cedar Run smells like a holiday home in the South. Some of the other names of the candles are Gumboots For Winter, In The Glen, Love In The Afternoon, Meet Me In The Meadow, The Last waltz, Three Wool Shirts and Whiskey River. Retail prices for a regular size candle $42.00 and large $92.00. To learn about the smells of the other candles I listed above and to order

MANREADY MERCANTILE is a line of men's skincare made from essential oils. Ninety percent of their products are handcrafted in small batches in Houston, Texas where they also have a store at Suite B, 321 West 19th Street, Phone 800-554-9352 so call for hours/days before you visit. This line was started as an American Dream Story which you can read about on their website. Skincare products made for the "Metro sexual man" or the man of today. This guy takes tub soaks just like the ladies do so they created Tub Elixir and Tub Soak for men to relax in but without the bubbles like the kids stuff. Ingredients used in their products are oils of palm, olives, coconut, castor and sunflower. Fragrances are bergamot/teak, cedar/mint, lemon/verbena and cedar/sage which are nice and woodsy smelling for a guy. Other products are daily wash, all in one soap, hand salve, leather treatment for sun dried skin, beard/mustache treatments and a throne spray in forest and citrus. I would say these products are pretty natural for they contain no parabens, artificial colors, or synthetic fragrances. Please visit their website for they have more cool products for guys and you can order online.

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