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Stylist Patricia Parenti poses for a photo-op at Coterie


Mark is an industry pro and has been in the shoe business for over twenty years. His styles are classic with a twist and the Fall 2016 collection has an 1980's feel to it and that is keeping right in trend with the clothing styles I am seeing for Fall. He makes all his shoes in Italy in suede, fur calf, plaid, metallic's with some special features such as two tone suede's, suede with patient and lacing without ties. Key silhouettes he designed are maryjanes, scooped out pumps as seen in the metallic pumps, high cut vamps as in the plaid styles and choked up fronts as in the olive/brown shoes. I've actually owned a couple of pair of his shoes and they fit excellent, looked elegant and wore for ten years and that's a lot since I walk so much in NYC and so worth the price. Leather totes lined in silk with his original shoe artwork are trimmed in matching colors about $525.00. The silk scarves with his "high heeled art" shown in my second photo also come in cotton and are digitally printed $350.00-$495.00 and are also made in Italy. Mark has informed me you can order his products right off his website.


Sexy is the word for this collection. Don't you see Cognac Wellerlane (whose website I write for) name all over these fancy shoes/boots for I think she should buy some to go with all her dolled up clothes. This line is all made in Portugal so you know it's of top notch quality. The designer has worked in the shoe business since he was fifthteen. The luxury collection is all leather including the soles and the fabrics used are suede, real snakeskin, fur calf, and burnished calfskin. The beauty of this line is the embellishments to the shoes and boots of jewelry, feathers and unusual zipper treatments. Egidio Alves (designer) designs all his own jewelry that can be taken off shoes and worn alone. All the soles are ebbed with Swarovski crystals in them so ladies when you cross your legs you will definitely look sexier than any other women in the room with high heels on. Even though these shoes are sexy they contain padded soles for comfort when you are standing on the red carpet awaiting your photo taken. All the shoes have gold tags with the designer's name on them so everyone will know you have a designer label on but that you are not part of the "sheep crowd". Collection has matching bags also. Prices $400.00 - $600.00


Aren't these umbrellas or as they are called in french "parapluies" gorgeous!! I happen to have a passion for umbrellas that are fancy with ruffles. When I saw this vendor at the show I knew I just had to interview him because I wanted one of the styles for myself that day. Unfortunately you're not allowed to buy samples off the show floor and Simon de Jean (shown in the first photo) didn't have any extras to sell either. Simon is the third generation to work in the business his grandfather started in the 1920's Paris. They are still made in France south of Paris and that is why you know the quality is still superb. When you buy one of these parasols you know they won't fall apart the first time you use them in the rain and wind of NYC like the $5.00 umbrellas they sell on the street do. They are the licensee for designer labels Jean Paul Gaultier and Chantal Thomass. Handles consist of plastic, wood, resin or leather.  Made in France fabrics for the upper are polyester, cotton/poly blend, satin and linen (which is for sun protection). Fabrics are double faced with solids on the outside and prints underneath or vice a versa and this is a real sign of the quality that goes into these creations. Trims are ruffled, bows, lace,and embedded with Swarovski crystals. I was also told all umbrella's have sun protection. They are all assembled by hand and have an automatic open and close. They have just started selling in the USA so contact the company for a list of stores or go to their website for more information on where to buy around the world at
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