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PopImpressKA Fall/Winter 2016/2017

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PopImpressKA Fall/Winter 2016/2017

In 2008, Olga Papkovitch / CEO & Founder of PopImpressKA Journal established her clothing brand and accessory collection called PopImpressKA. She incorporated her copyrighted original art pieces on silk in a form of a quilt and combines them with variety of silks and other materials that signifies  her collection as elegant, classic and trendy.

Olga designs dresses, skirt, blouses, shirts and very original one of a kind wearing pieces. Her clothing collection also includes handbags and men's apparel, such as shirts, pants, ties and bow ties and vests. Olga’s Inspiration and Muses are her Mother and her favorite model Brianne Helfrich, who she features regularly in PopImpressKA Journal. Both Olga’s mother and Brianne Helfrich inspire Olga to create her line in order to bring elegance, creativity and sophistication forward, so when people wear her garments and accessories they feel confident, sophisticated and positive.

Olga Papkovitch premiered her PopImpressKA Fall/Winter ’16 Collection at Style Fashion Week at Gotham Hall, New York during New York Fashion Week. The classy and elegant collection with bold vibrant colors brought warmth to a frigid Manhattan night.
PopImpressKA’s new collection ‘Fields of Color’ consisted of Olga’s paintings printed onto silk fabric, creating a walking canvas with nature inspired art vogue.

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