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Nancy Vuu Fall/Winter 2016/2017

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Nancy Vuu Fall/Winter 2016/2017

Australian model with Down Syndrome stole the crowd’s heart as she strutted down the runway wearing Nancy Vuu at Style Fashion Week. Nancy Vuu’s luxury children’s wear always receives an enthusiastic response from the audience because of her exquisite mix of glamour and detailing. This season there was another incredible surprise, Madeline Stuart. As she turned onto the runway, her excitement and joy filled the room and the crowd could not help but match her passion. She brought a light to fashion week and proved that style, beauty and confidence have no boundaries!

Nancy Vuu Fall and Winter collection blended modern elegance with vintage-inspired shapes. Vuu’s designs have a refreshingly youthful voice while still maintaining a high-fashion edge. Her show seemed to be a modern Alice in Wonderland, it took viewers through the rabbit hole of time and into a world of childlike elegance. The show opened with a regal cream-colored dress and tiara. This stunning piece set high expectations for the rest of the collection....Vuu’s fashions are intriguing with an underlying sweetness.....Vuu’s clothing blends the playful spirit of childhood with high-fashion elegance. Her outfits and accessories transform children into sprites and evoke a feeling of enchantment and a sense of nostalgia. Thus, her couture seems comparable to Lewis Carroll’s famous stories, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Vuu’s clothing is age-appropriate and elegantly understated. Her collection celebrates a childlike innocence and creativity without seeming infantile.....Vuu’s collection shows an enormous amount of potential. Couture-lovers should look out for her next fashions, and hope that she will consider expanding her signature style to include separates and accessories......Vuu’s fashions impart a feeling of timelessness and, like Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, seem poised to become classics. For more info please visit

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