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Liberty Fashion and Lifestyle Fair

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Liberty Fashion and Lifestyle Fairs is here again in New York City on January 26-28, 2016 but this blog is on vendors at the last fair in July 20-22, 2015. Both fairs are held at Pier 94 on the Hudson River. This event isn't only about the latest men's contemporary fashion but also trend direction stories such as  "Global co-op", "Gym Sophisticate", "Newtopia", and "The Aristocrat", when broken down into each classification include the color palette, color usage, materials, design details, pattern and graphics and styling ideas. They had a section in the show called drugstore which features the latest men's grooming and apothecary brands. Men (not me) received complimentary facials by a company called Heyday and barber services by Fellow Barber. Some other special areas of the show featuring men's fashion were Freedom Hall which is about a group of like minded brands focused on the spirit of design and creativity plus Articles of Style which is based on the evolution of the American tailor shop and bespoke clothing. I'm only featuring a few designers in each classification that I thought had interesting of made in America product. Please visit WWW.LIBERTYFAIRS.COM to find out more information. Don't forget to check out the vendors I wrote about for many of the photos I posted you can order off the vendor's website. Yes that is me standing in front of the show sign.


This line was in the Freedom Hall section of the show because it's so unusual in the fact that it caters to a "very sexy man". The name and inspiration comes from the creative director Dreu playing the sport of Cricket in the country of Jamaica growing up. This collection is based on bespoke clothing mainly made in the USA in the colors of cream/black/white. Fabrics are top notch quality such as cotton/lycra shirts, bomber jackets (as in third photo) in crepe linen, herringbone wools, silk linings, and seersucker. The kind of man who wears these clothes is not timid for sure but wants to be sharp looking, edgy, well dressed and not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Sounds like my kind of man right but unfortunately I don't see men looking like this in NYC so maybe I better go down south to find this type of guy. As an Image Consultant I feel this line would be great for a guy with an athletic body because it shows off all his muscles. Retail prices $35.00 -$950.00 Custom clothes to order out of Brooklyn WWW.BECKEMBERGCRICKETCLUB.COM 

This is the ultimate "preppy" shirt line but easily worn by all males. The owner/designer Stephen modeling in my first photo named the line after his niece Sabine and nephew Sebastian and that is where the name Bine & Bass comes together. Cute idea right?  He had a fascination with shirts and ties since high school when he started reading GQ Magazine so that is what influenced him to start this line. His look is all about colors and patterns. He takes one of the plaid colors in the shirt and coordinates the inside of the collar and sleeve plackets along with matching thread as shown in the photos above. These are classic in design and will never go out of style nor probably wear out since they are made in the Baltimore, MD area of the USA. By the way Baltimore is home to one of the most preppy areas of the country so this is the perfect place for this collection to be born. Great look to wear with jeans or khakis and don't forget to put it all together like Stephen did with a blazer and tie for a perfectly polished casual look. Retail $185.00 To order WWW.BINEANDBAS.COM

Handcrafted American Eyewear made in Randolph, MA. These shades compliment the clothing lines I mentioned previously and made a guy look very hot no matter what his age is. Now all men can look like Tom Cruise did in his 1980's movies. These sunglasses are of very high quality/durable too because they are handcrafted and come with a lifetime warranty on all solder joints. They must be good since the US military purchases them for their troops. Besides basic Aviator styles they have models called Concorde, Sportsman, Intruder, and Crew Chief so you can wear the pair that makes you look like the kind of man you aspire to be. The lenses feature impact resistant polycarbonate lenses made in their US factory. As a bonus with every pair you get a maintenance kit that includes an optical screwdriver, extra set of nose pads and extra screws. These are the kind of glasses you keep for life for they are long lasting unlike the Asian imports which fall apart after several wearing's. To find out where to buy WWW.RANDOLPHUSA.COM

We all know beards are the trendiest thing around if we live in NYC and go to Brooklyn or see the hipsters on the L line of the subway. Of course I see beards being hip when most of the guys at the men's trade shows are sporting them this past year. When I grew up only the outdoor type man sported a beard but now it's acceptable for the urban guy too. This brand was started three years ago (when beards started appearing on the cool guys) to connect with men whom wore beards such as creative type professionals. You know the guy who lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn but works in the city in Graphic Design. OK enough with my talk on who wears beards and on to the products themselves. Beard oil is to soften the beard and keep it healthy but it also deep conditions overly dry beards. Beard wash is a beard softener like a hair conditioner that is used in the shower in place of shampoo. I love the fragrances these guys came up with and smelled them all at the show and couldn't pick a favorite because they are all good. The fragrance offerings are Tree Ranger which has a woodsy smell, Spiced Citrus that has a spicy grapefruit scent and Tea Tree a minty scent. Other product offerings include mustache wax (holds the mustache in place), and acetate combs shown in the third photo de snarl your beard without tearing it out which regular hair combs just might.  If you have a beard then I suggest you buy and use these products to keep your beard in the same shape as you head of hair. To order WWW.BEARDBRAND.COM

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Photos and Article by Patricia Parenti

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