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Anthony Rubio Spring 2016

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Anthony Rubio Spring 2016

Mr. Rubio was born and raised in Manhattan coming from latin ancestry.  His family was originally from Puerto Rico. His latin culture paved the way for his interest in music, cuisine and elegant vibrant fashions which inspired him to be the artist and designer he is today.  Growing up in a scandalous time inspired him to create his ideas and visions of what fashion should be.

With a formal education in women’s wear design and twenty years of experience creating and innovating new concepts and techniques, Anthony Rubio had no reservations about delving into the world of pet couture and design.  Because of his loyal clientele he has been branded as the Master Pet Couturier. The pet industry is estimated to be a Fifty billion dollar industry worldwide and offered an opportunity for Mr. Rubio, who is recognized worldwide, to reach into his world of inspirations to create confections that every fashionable dog owner to possess for their adorable pets.

His creations are strictly Couture and are considered collectible art inspired by anything from movies to fairy tales and especially by the best women’s wear couturiers of Europe. His masterpieces are born from an almost maniacal obsession to achieve perfection stemming from hours of sketching to innovating shapes and forms which are then meticulously executed and finished only when Mr. Rubio is completely satisfied with the final product.

Mr Rubio is on the boards of several fundraising organizations and most recently was honored and awarded quite unexpectedly by The Humane Society for his humanitarian efforts in championing animal adoption. Anthony participates where welcomed to facilitate raising funds and awareness to the plight of animals that have no voices to express their needs or pains to make the world a deserving place for their unconditional love. Mr. Rubio is very dedicated along with his personal muses, twin one year old Chihuahuas Bogie the brunette named after Humphrey Bogart and Kimba the blonde named after a famous anime hero, to help abandoned, lost and abused pets when and how ever they can.

As an advocate for pet adoption. Rubio created “Adopt Me Maybe?” adopt a shelter pet campaign. He started this campaign in an effort to promote shelter pet adoption verses buying a pet in a store. The “Adopt Me Maybe” pet adoption campaign went viral. Bogie and Kimba were the poster boys for the campaign.

Anthony Rubio became the first pet fashion designer to showcase at New York’s Fashion Week in February of 2012. Mr. Rubio has been commissioned by Pepsi Cola Company, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, General Motors, EMI Records among many others.

This fashion Week Mr. Rubio showcased his collection at Latin Fashion Week and Style Fashion Week at Gotham Hall where I was able to talk to him about his collection.

When I asked, "What was the inspiration."  Anthony revealed, "I just got back from Almafi. I had the best time.  We were there for three weeks.  I studied the fashion in Rome so I picked up a lot of nice fabrics....I came back and they invited me to do the show.  I got busy rolled up my sleeves and this was what we ended up with."

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