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TV Host Cognac Wellerlane poses for a photo-op at Helen Yarmak's Penthouse Showroom in the Crown Building on Fifth Avenue for her Spring 2016 Show.   Mrs. Wellerlane's dress, shoes, hat and eyewear by Fur by Helen Yarmak.jpg

Cherie Corso TV Host Cognac Wellerlane,Stylist Patricia Parenti and Lauren Bennett Clarke pose for a photo- op at Helen Yarmak Spring 2016 Ms. Wellerlane's hat dress eyewear and shoes by Fur by Helen Yarmak 

Helen Yarmak showed her Spring 2016 collection at the end of New York Fashion Week showcasing her spectacular furs at her penthouse showroom serving Russian Vodka and Champagne at the Crown Building on fifth Avenue across from Trumps Towers.  Pricey real estate but Helen reveals, “Everyone can afford my furs, price range from $1,000 to $400,000.”  The $400,000 price point is for her sable furs which happens to be her favorite.  

Her fabulous furs have been worn by Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and the late Whitney Houston.  Her fur line and brand  is so  unique as they resemble jewel tones of vibrant ombre blue, red and yellow.  Each fur garment has a matching jewel tone hat and can be reversed for versatility!  Her collections of furs include: mink, fox, lamb, raccoon, ermine and of course her favorite sable.

During our interview I inquired “What is the Inspiration for this season,”  Helen reveals, “Life, life always.”  for more information please visit

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