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Fashion Shenzhen Spring 2016

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Fashion Shenzhen Spring 2016 Runway Show

Members of the press, buyers and editors were invited to a special aftermoon during New York Fashion Week for Oriental Fashion Designs S/S 2016  the event featured Oriental Culture and Esthetics in New York presenting a Crossover between Chinese Fashion Design, Calligraphy, Painting Art, Performance  and Blending Culture into Art and Fashion to Promote the Chinese Brand.

The event took place at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square at the enourmous The Ballroom on September 11, 2015

 Cheng Hao :
Following the belief that that often revealing one's self value and worth, in order to clearly express an empowering and individual lifestyle, Hao has become one of the best-known, top-rated fashion designers in China. He is a member of The Chinese Fashion Designer Association and winner of the 2013 New Look International Sichuan Brocade Design Competition. His haute couture runway collections, shown during International Fashion Weeks in China and Shanghai; The Chinese Young Designer Fashion Week and The Chengdu-New York International Fashion Week regularly command attention and rave reviews from the international fashion press.  In 2009, he set up his own fashion company, creating lavish designs which carry forward through to today; drawing inspiration from the Chinese traditional culture, which is then depicted through contemporary clothes for the modern woman. Staying true to his roots as a Chinese designer, Hao continually promotes the aura of authentic Chinese design, while continually establishing the image of "Design in China". In 2013, he launched his RTW label " 干士 ", followed by his first collection under his new, creative brand label, which was presented during Shanghai International Fashion Week. Hao's label " 干士 ", purposefully has a similar pronunciation to the English word, "Guys", in order to express the main concepts of the clothes as suitable and contemporary, without any type of clear or specific definition, as to womenswear or menswear.

2015 Collection Notes : For his New York Fashion Week Show, Hao presented his new "Tai Ji Fashion";  "a skirt with multiple ways to wear this year." " 易 · 霓裳,易有太极,是生两 仪 ,两 仪 生四象,四 项 生八卦" According to the designer, "the way of yi is all-inclusive under the sky. From yi comes two forms of existence, like yin and yang, day and night; from two forms come four phenomena, like four seasons, four directions; from four phenomena comes eight natural elements like sky, earth, thunder, fire, lake and marsh, wind, water, mountain." The rich, royal, intricately detailed collection features an abundance of daytime glamour and Red Carpet looks, with strong focus on attention to fine detail and hand tailoring, mixed all around eclectic blends of monochromatic black and white, along with an array of vibrant rainbow hues, such as lipstick red, tangerine, deep indigo, navy blue and the like.
The Beauty Story: Supporting the ultra luxury of the clothes, makeup and hair design are based on delicate beauty and simplicity. Here, half black, half white hair echoes the stark feeling of the black and white grouping. Make up for the multi-colorful clothes plays well with the main colors of clothes for the eyes; everything is based on the black and white face makeup. Hair follows suit, seen in a series of charming, up-do styles, with accent hair sticks, placed in the middle of the back side of the head.

月亮   Lucina Yue:
 Internationally known as the famous Konghou and Zheng performer, Yue, who resides in the United States, is Executive Director of the Konghou Society of Chinese Musicians Association, and Executive Director of the Konghou Professional Committee of China Nationalities Orchestra Society. She is the first performer to  appear at Lincoln Center, as a VIP guest, invited by The Western Symphony Orchestra, as well as the first to perform Konghou solo at The General Headquarters of The United Nations. Yue's personal images appear in a famous visual magazine in The United States ... Dark Beauty.

            会然 ENJOY NATURE Silk Scarves :  Exclusive collections of Chinese Ink and Zen Art Scarves, "Nature and Zen Art Lifestyle"; Chinese calligraphy and painting art meld gently with fashion art, traditional know-how, fashion trends;  stylized imagery of "Oriental, Natural Modest" stories. The brand is established by Intime Fashion (Suzhou) Company, whose aim is to inherit and showcase Chinese culture through unique groupings of beautifully rendered, highly artistic scarves.

                   "Listen to the sound of nature;, feel the change of nature; collect the gifts of nature ,enjoy the beauty of nature with your heart; advocate renewal; look for the most true relationship between human and nature in the contemporary world ; people should find the true qualities; respect nature; live in harmony with nature; build up a lifestyle for 'green light life"; fashion's new life; building Chinese culture and original creativity branding within the scarf, in order to pursue the natural aesthetic; maintain balance between respecting the original beauty of material and arousing the decorated beauty of the handwork within open eyes; to explore and discover a new philosophy of Chinese culture ,contemporary art and fashion." (

         Ink Collection ... inspiration through the encountering between the designer and the posthumous work of Zhang (Jingyao) Zetian, a modest and authentic Bejiing folk artist, whose masterwork was discovered only after he passed away. The designer took inspiration from his ink-paining and combined this with silk; both representative of key Chinese cultural elements. The elegance of ink painting and smoothness of silk are perfectly intermingled; hearkening back to Zetian's art and life, while also fully presenting the philosophy of ENJOY NATURE: "discover nature and purity in the noisy, daily urban life; maintain the balance between Chinese Culture and artistic endeavors."

                Zen Collection ... inspired by Zen culture; incorporates "Hundred Antithetical Couplets by Chinese Ancient Sages" and Zen Pattern as main elements; presents the lifestyle of staying natural and true; features of dying with black and green tea, red flowers, produce subtle color, softest, skin-friendly fabrics, with a natural fragrance of plants. ENJOY NATURE always cherishes the original beauty of natural materials, and advocates the natural relationship between people and nature in the modern world. Through the use of traditional, delicate, elegant Suzhou Embroidery; this traditional knowhow has brought new life into the Zen Collection.
Highly praising ENJOY NATURE's fashion image, Wang Yao, Vice President, China Chamber of General Commerce, states: "The Collections embrace and combine Chinese calligraphy and painting with the design of the scarves; it's a nice try to promote Chinese culture and fashion, showcase excellent Chinese designers to the world."

Zhang Zetian (1917-2009), born in Dantu Country, Jiangsu Province, was a researcher of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting at The China National (and also Beijing) Institute of Calligraphy and Painting for Senior Citizens. He was selected as Vice President and Secretary General of The Calligraphy and Painting Institute for retired veteran cadres of the former China Light Industries Ministry. He enjoyed and exhibited a strong and true passion for Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy since childhood. Further, he systematically studied and honed his craft in areas such as seal carving, poetry, painting and calligraphy; all of which constituted his hobbies and his loves during his entire life. Diligently practicing art until his passing, he left a respectable amount of one-of-a-kind works. Engaged in research and industry management of ceramic crafts throughout his life, he made many important contributions towards the development of the Chinese Ceramic crafts industry.

On September 13, 2015 Fashion Shenzen started the day  with their Runway Show at The Dock, Skylight at Moynihan Station

One of the three talented designers walking the catwalk  at The Dock, Skylight at Moynihan Station on September 13, 2015 ... : DENG HAO 2008 Graduate from prestigious Saint Martins College of Arts and Design (constituent college of The University of the Arts London School of Art, London, where she studied, fashion design and printing, she was cited by British media as ‘one of the most talented and optimistic of the six new graduates in the same year.’

After the runway show, buyers, members of the press and editors were invited to a Champagne Brunch and another event at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square featuring  FASHION SHENZHEN 's 12 Rising Star Designer Brands from China to New York Fashion Week ... Exclusive Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Collections ... Unconventional fashion spans the spectrum from beautifully embellished or simplistic day into evening, dresses and ball gowns, modernity of classical, off the beat, casual sportswear, pantsuits, lavish outerwear, sweeping ponchos, serapes, knitwear, et al ... Esoteric blending of Eastern Culture and Western Aesthetic ... Combination of Western architectural structure with a beautiful mode of floral patterns, worked  throughout "The Flower of Elf" knitted fashion pieces, ... Prints of Chinese ancient Dunhuang frescos, seen across a myriad of glamorous afternoon and nighttime clothing ... Eleganza of a floor-length dress, inspired by the Chinese ancient calendar; "The 24 Solar Terms".

HISTORY: In Southern China, off the coast of Hong Kong, lies the vibrant, young city of Shenzhen. Highly regarded as the "Capital of Fashion Innovation", and as the premiere Special Economic Zone in China, Shenzhen has lifted the curtain, to emerge as one of  the country's most well recognized, most economically developed cities; home to over 800 top-notch fashion brands and more than 2,500 clothing companies. The city's rapidly growing number of talented, young designers, bringing an endless array of fresh, creative ideas, inspiration, charm, et al, coupled with a wide array of burgeoning fashion brands and companies, all join forces, in order to play a strong and rapid role in staying well connected to; directly on top of the most important and key international style trends across the board. Additionally, Shenzhen has spawned the birth of China's prestigious "International Brand Fair" - held annually in July - one of the largest and most influential Asian fashion events worldwide. Further extending China's far-reaching role on the worldwide fashion scene, Shenzhen Fashion Week, featuring over 100 international designers showing seasonal collections before the Media, Buyers, VIP celebrity guests, et al, has solidified and well positioned, both the nation's rich, cultural history, in tandem with China's position as an authentic fashion and style force to be reckoned with, in both ancient and modern times. 

Canto Motto
 Established in 1988, by Federico Ditadi, in his native home of Vicenza, Italy, a glorious town near Milan, the international fashion capital, the brand centers on ideas of Italian art and culture, mixed around an innovative and creative approach; carving of exquisite, delicate craft; outstanding design scenario reveals high-end taste of art, culture, elegance, whereby fashion communicates perfectly with the woman's body and female aura.

Grace Deng
  As the domestic independent designer brand, (Grace De ng), Deng Huan studied branding and marketing at The London School of Design. After graduating with top honors, she created collections featuring hints of European-inspired colors, restoring ancient ways, with a focus on the birthplace of Europe, as a context for superb textile handicrafts. Thus, the connotation of the brand series is definitely reflected in the fabric and special process of 'recreation'. For this designer, animals with white or colored insects as the protagonist of the story, fulfill every woman's heart with the most beautiful dreams. 

Deng Hao
Internationally known as "The Chinese Knitting Queen", Hao is a Senior Fashion Designer, Chairman and Art Director of Shenzhen Denghao Fashion Co., Ltd., (founded in 1993) and Council Member, Professional Technical Committee of The China Fashion Association. Upon her graduation in 2008 from the prestigious Saint Martins College of Arts and Design (constituent college of The University of the Arts London School of Art, London, where she studied, fashion design and printing, she was cited by British media as 'one of the most talented and optimistic of the six new graduates in the same year'. Hao believes that there is a flower fairy in the heart of every woman; through her company, she has consistently researched, pioneered, and implemented a wide array of new and different knitting textiles, offering clients one-of-a-kind, custom-made and hand tailored fashion products of original knitting and print design textiles

I Love Pretty:
Founded in 2003 in Hong Kong the company which bills itself as "Your Own Personal Stylist", believes that the British Royal Family is unwilling to be constrained by traditional moirés, etiquette, et al, but brave enough to pursue only the most beautiful modes of dressing; a romantic and fashionable lifestyle;  the brand praises "being notably sexy"; always highlighting  the woman's personal and mellow character.

The first designer brand in China to be proficient at using rich color art and three dimensional cutting techniques, to showcase the beauty, grandeur, charm of the Oriental female; express the style, minimalism, intelligence, confidence, allure of modern fashion; renowned for mixing Western design into the mode of Oriental dressing; international aesthetic vision; inspiration from the great European museums, fashion exhibitions, art galleries, boutiques.

Founded in 1997, the hip, cool, fashion-forward  brand borrows from the popular elements of European countries, for clothes that show dramatic, edgy design by integrating intricate techniques, high-end detailing, fast style; classic, simple concepts; charming and wonderful style of the modern female; new meanings for the trendy, chi chi, metropolitan woman.

Clarification of black, white elements as a philosophy of moving forward in contradictions; targeting to the young, edgy, hip urban woman; freedom of cool, super individualistic clothes; simple outlines and asymmetric clippings with varied materials; latest techniques, reflecting the client's attraction to grandeur and the avant garde; diverse matches, multi layers tell an interesting visual story of a free, unconstrained fashion attitude.

Expressions of modern female energy and dreams; inheriting oriental traditional culture; comfort and esthetics coexist; philosophy of water as a metaphor for women;  gaseous state for career; liquid state for life; solid state for ego ideal; inspiration from the natura of water, creates a new multi-dimensional women's lifestyle by approaching multi-functional and design modernity.

Season Wind:
Monsoon, "the fashion of the office" clearly shows a deep understanding of today's professional woman in the pursuit of fashion and the heart; perfect interpretations of the aesthetic world of the office career woman for her to also be leader in the world of fashion; stand out, head and shoulders above the rest of the mundane crowd.

Founded by Victor Zhu and Nicole Lin in 2012, upon graduation from London Fashion, Art College; combining creativity and salability, the brand creates high quality clothing, appealing to stylish, independent professional women worldwide. Over the past three years, the brand has developed, created and marketed full seasonal collections for the international fashion market; in July 2014, the brand was honored with the International Woolmark Prize for the Asia region.

Dong De Xi:
 Focus on real, everyday living; never untrue or unreachable; concept of fashion as amazing gift wrapping; belief in individual existence; pursing a life that we are all keen on; design philosophy similar to photography; using graphic design to express thinking, modern flavor, to express the spirits of freedom with a true sense of love.

Haiping Xie:
  The Haiping Xie Xie Haiping brand focuses on a tacit understanding by the creative team on a strict development of clothing design, environment, team cooperation, in order to create and produce haute luxury collections, which show an extremely unique and creative personality; warmly welcomed, worn and adored by an international clientele of fashionable and stylish women.

Keep reading more events at New York Fashion Week. 

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