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Accessory Circuit Part Three

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Don't you just love this name for it  means  mittens for two holding hands as seen in the photo above. This style is hand made and an original concept by one of the owners for her and her husband in college at University of Pennsylvania so they could hold hands at football games and keep their hands warm. This is a hand made and fair trade line of winter knits  made in Peru that works with women's cooperatives. One of the groups they work with is Astistan's Initiative which consist of a group of women in the Andes  mountains that never learned to weave (which is their traditional village livelihood) so the company owners Connie and Jennifer started workshops that taught them how to knit. The collection is made up of such yarns as alpaca, alpaca blend, baby alpaca, and wool. Yarns used in this line don't pill (a subject close to  my heart since  most knits pill nowadays and you end up getting rid of the garment) because they are spun in Peru not in China. The styles range fro m classic to contemporary for women and kids  with a retail price range $22.00 - $59.00.
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