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Accessory Circuit and Intermezzo Collections trade show was held at The Jacob Javits Center in NYC April 27- 29, 2015. The show is put on by ENK for the wholesale fashion market for high end retail stores and websites. Fall/Winter clothing was shown but since it wasn't hot yet there was merchandise for spring/summer still available to buy also. Since capes are the hot look for fall I decided to wear the one my mother made in 1970 on her old Singer sewing machine to the show. Yes, that vintage 1970's look was all the rage being shown in the booths. Some key styles for Fall/Winter that I saw there were big heel and platform shoes/boots, gaucho pants, A-line skirts, big floppy oversize hats and long gloves to go with capes. Below are interviews of some of the lines I thought were relevant to the fashion of the season. 
The company name  means natural culture.  These handmade in Ecuador straw hats are natural luxury also. This is Ecuador's hidden secret for it's worldwide known that  most straw hats are from Panama. The weaving of the straw hats in this country is unique to UNESCO which  means Institutions of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The difference between these hats and other straw hats is that the straw is from leaves of the palm like plant Carludovica palmata and  made into the finest,  most resistant to earth's elements and had a very soft feel for a straw hat. These hats take over 20 steps to  make and and are crafted in the weavers home. This is why the price can be slightly higher than other "so called" hand made straw hats for m Central and South America. Sizes are small  to XXXL so they can fit all ladies and  men's  heads. Retail prices are $180.00 - $420.00 in USA dollars.  To order www.
This French hat line was started in 1833 by Charles Mossant. Tony  Merenda revived this line that went out of business in the 1990's. He enjoys bringing back historic brands that lay dormant and give them life again. Tony has a thing for bringing back vintage hat companies and he started with the Christie's brand thru his friendship with Dorfman Pacific which is one of the largest hat conglomerates in USA. The fabrics used are unusual variations of wool felts extending into luxurious long hair wool felts with special treatment such as printing, deconstructing,  tied dye, airbrushing, dip dying and bleaching as seen in the photos above.  
Summer and winter fabrics are put together in this collection such as straw brims with wool crowns. All the hats have adjustable sweatbands so they fit all size heads. This line is for  men and women in such styles as Newsboys, Pork Pie, Fedora, Homberg and Rancher. Trims are necktie fabrics, grosgrain and  raw edges on hat bands that are frayed. The fall collection hits stores in August. For where to buy and  more  information
Don't you just love this name for it  means  mittens for two holding hands as seen in the photo above. This style is hand made and an original concept by one of the owners for her and her husband in college at University of Pennsylvania so they could hold hands at football games and keep their hands warm. This is a hand made and fair trade line of winter knits  made in Peru that works with women's cooperatives. One of the groups they work with is Astistan's Initiative which consist of a group of women in the Andes  mountains that never learned to weave (which is their traditional village livelihood) so the company owners Connie and Jennifer started workshops that taught them how to knit. The collection is made up of such yarns as alpaca, alpaca blend, baby alpaca, and wool. Yarns used in this line don't pill (a subject close to  my heart since  most knits pill nowadays and you end up getting rid of the garment) because they are spun in Peru not in China. The styles range fro m classic to contemporary for women and kids  with a retail price range $22.00 - $59.00.
Carina the co-founder and owner started this line three years ago because she enjoyed knitting and started when she was thirteen years old. She came from a creative retail  management background and then started knitting headbands for fun. The other partner Kristen had a financial background and the company started when Carina went to her for advice on how to start a business. After that the two of them became partners; Thirteen people hand knit these beautiful, soft and luxurious scarves, hats, headbands and other winter accessories in the Boston area. The  merino  wool yarn used in production is also  manufactured by the owners and because of this their product will last for years and wear very  well. The colors are neutrals for Fall and jewel tones for Holiday. The styles are unique and interesting with a functional aspect to them such as scarves with big square pockets, pom poms on hats, hooded scarves and headbands that cover the ears. All are great to wear for winter sports for they keep you super warm outside. Notice the photo with their label has a pair of knitting needles under it.
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