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Accessory Circuit Part Four

Hello Darlings,Welcome Back to
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Carina the co-founder and owner started this line three years ago because she enjoyed knitting and started when she was thirteen years old. She came from a creative retail  management background and then started knitting headbands for fun. The other partner Kristen had a financial background and the company started when Carina went to her for advice on how to start a business. After that the two of them became partners; Thirteen people hand knit these beautiful, soft and luxurious scarves, hats, headbands and other winter accessories in the Boston area. The  merino  wool yarn used in production is also  manufactured by the owners and because of this their product will last for years and wear very  well. The colors are neutrals for Fall and jewel tones for Holiday. The styles are unique and interesting with a functional aspect to them such as scarves with big square pockets, pom poms on hats, hooded scarves and headbands that cover the ears. All are great to wear for winter sports for they keep you super warm outside. Notice the photo with their label has a pair of knitting needles under it.
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