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A Journey to Taiwan Wins Best Short Documentary Film at New York City International film Festival

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Stylist Patircia Parenti Fashion Designer Malan Breton and TV Host Cognac Wellerlane pose for a photo-op on Award Night at the New York City Intwenarional Film Festival  (NYCIFF)
Fashion Designer and now Filmmaker Malan Breton poses for a photo-op with Publicist and Producer of the The Film Bonnie Bien at the After Party at URBO  Restauant in Times Square affter winning his award for Best Documentary
A short documentary film entitled "A Journey to Taiwan", wins last week at NYCIFF.The film documents Malan Breton, his homeland, and the majestic landscapes that continue to be the inspiration for his fashion, in particular his Spring Summer 2015 collection entitled: A Journey to Taiwan presented  in September 2014 at the prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion tents at Lincoln Center.
Here, in this documentary, Breton lifts the veil on his recent and most uniquely inspirational trip to Taiwan, as he talks one to one about his knowledge of; his deeply intense love affair with the country of his birth.

The premier screening hit a cord with the fashion press and the film industry alike. The film has been submitted for the Oscars and many festivals are clamoring for submissions. The timing of the film could not be better; it came on the heels of the Met Gala and exhibition of Asian Fashion. In addition, the film's landscapes coincide with the new movie by, auteur, Martin Scorsese who was filming his new movie "Silence" in Taiwan on the recommendation of Hang Lee (Taiwanese film maker), at the same time that Journey to Taiwan was filming.
It also coincides with the wave of fashion designer documentary's that seem to be in vogue now, such as: the new Dior Documentary: "Dior and I".
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