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Coterie Show - February 23-25, 2015

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Stylist Patricia Parenti poses for a photo-op at the Coterie Show at the Javits Center
Coterie is a industry only trade show for upscale ladies clothes, accessories and shoes that took place on February 23-25, 2015. This event is put on by ENK family of trade shows and took up three levels of the Javits Center in NYC. The looks that were showing were for Fall/Winter 2015-2016 but could have been easily been worn during the show due to the freezing whether outside. That is me in the photo dressed to match the show colors and we all know I love matchy matchy.
I interviewed fur designers because Cognac Wellerlane and I love fur and I see it making a big comeback in the fashion scene. The new and affordable way to wear fur is in accessories or sporty pieces to layer on in Fall, Winter and Spring. Yeah you can still buy a long mink coat but the vendors I interviewed showed fur pieces that were fun, easy to wear to fit it in with today's casual lifestyle. Another designer I interviewed was MART who has a collection of ladylike clothing and accessories with a throwback to the 1980's.  I styled all of the photos for this vendor also. 
MART designed and owned by  Martha (in first photo above) who  makes everything right here in NYC's garment center. Her inspiration is  definitely  the 1980's and campy  movies where she takes ideas from and  makes them modern and fresh. All the prints in the photos above are custom and designed by  Martha just for her collections. She uses luxurious fabrics in silk burnout velvet in leopard prints, custom print jacquard in wine and bright red (2nd photo fro m the top),  and  metallic silk mesh with lurex used as accent on cuffs and collars. She believes in wearable pieces you can wear everyday and everywhere and that you shouldn't have to go and buy a dress for a special occasion but have one you love hanging in your closet. Her philosophy is  mine too for I always have  many dresses I love hanging in  my 3 small closets just waiting to be worn. The handbags are designed in conjunction with Chris Frost who has  many years in luxury bags. They coordinate with her clothing (another throwback from the 80's which I still believe in) in fur calf with Napa leather in such styles as clutch, tote, flap bag, and hobo styles and priced at retail $400-$1095. Clothing priced at $198-$2100.  You can order any of these or other looks for yourself off her website
POLOGEORGIS has been in business for 50 years and is located right in the heart of the fur district in NYC at 143 West 29th Street with a factory on site. They are the last and largest  manufacture of furs  in  Manhattan. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenny Roberts the Director of Public Relations where I learned all about the new fur techniques and and specialties of the company. They specialize in bespoke furs,  made to order, alterations and remodeling all in their NYC factory. Their ready to wear line consist of styles    that can be worn with jeans and leggings for the new casual lifestyle. Patchwork is a way of using every piece of the fur so nothing gets thrown out or wasted and they use this technique in fur vest which are worn layered with T- shirts and sweaters. Knitted  mink caps with pom poms just like the styles you see everyone wearing on the streets are $265.00 retail as seen in the photo above and will keep your head very war m in the winter. The third photo down is an army style vest with rabbit fur lining and hood $350 retail and is a very practical piece to own for you can wear it 3 seasons a year and when its freezing out as this winter was you can put the hood up.  My favorite vest is the navy/wine/white  Mongolian llama in the first photo above because it stands out as a special piece and goes great with dark denim and gets layered over dresses, jeans and skirts retail $1,200. WWW.POLOGEORGIS.COM 
LAMBS LAUGHTER started in Paris last year and is based in Canada where it's even colder than here. The line is  made in Istanbul but the lamb skins are sourced from Spain.   70% of the collection of shearling coats and jackets are reversible and turns up side down or inside out. These styles are great for urban, suburban, country and ski resorts because they are neutral colors and go with anything casual. The jacket in the photo above would look great with all styles of leggings, jeans or even dress pants and skirts. The gray jacket with the fringe is a gorgeous and unique piece that would look fabulous with a pair of jeans and boots for walking in the part or the gritty streets of the city. Styles in the 2nd and 3rd photo could even be worn over evening clothes in place of a fur stole. These styles are sure to keep you warm and looking fabulous in all your outdoor activities. Retail $2,500.00-$5,800.00. To order email the company for they are new and sell a few boutiques  all over the world.
SHAHCHI FUR This company specializes in modern style vests, jackets, coats, shawls scarves and other accessories in furs such as fox, lamb, raccoon and  mink. They are  made in Hong Kong and Italy and retail for $500-$3500. 
Some of the luscious colors that they use are gray, burgundy, blue and silver fox. Again these furs are so lightweight that they can be worn layered for 3 seasons a year. I love the coat with the hood and that can be worn with gowns or casual clothing making it very versatile. This company is based in Los Angeles and the furs are so lightweight but warm that they are even the perfect idea  for that climate too.
All the styles  shown and  more can be bought on their website and shipped to you directly.
BELLARIO A line of outerwear featuring cash mere and cash mere blend fabrics  with fur collars that are  made in China using  mink, fox,  muskrat, beaver, curly lamb and rabbit furs as trims. The gray fox vest with cash mere blend belt is a great layering piece for spring/fall because it's so lightweight to layer over T-shirts when it's 60 degrees or heavy sweaters when it's 40 degrees out.  it's very versatile because it goes with skirts, jeans, leggings and dress pants.  The cognac color asymmetrical coat in wool/alpaca/cash mere is easy to throw on just like your bathrobe only instead of sliding it on over your pajamas you throw it over your street clothes and your out the door in  minutes with a polished look. Brown  mink shawl is  an absolutely stunning piece to throw on over anything for an extra layer of warmth. What attracted  me to this line is the red wool full length coats because these are coats that I wanted to wear for  myself because they are warm and protect you from the harsh winter.  Next fall I' m going to go up to the showroom and buy the bright red coat for  myself for I can't find anything like this in stores or online and really love it. Please check out their website for they have  many other fur accessories, fur trimmed coats, cashmere sweaters, dresses and untrimmed cloth coats.  To find out where to buy and see other styles WWW.BELLARIONY.COM
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