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Nolcha Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015

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Nolcha Fashion Week lounge Cognac interviews
TV Host and Entertainment Journalist Cognac Wellerlane interviews Designers ELIZABETH SHAW and Marlin Jones as well as Football Player Rashad Jennings at Nolcha Fashion Week Lounge
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Nolcha Fashion Week fashion shows Cognac interview
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Project Runway Designer Charketa "Char" Glover and Designer YVETTE HASS backstage after Nolcha Fashion Week
Yvette Hass Fall 2015
Nolcha Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015
During New York Fashion Week.  I had the opportunity to enjoy Nolcha Fashion Week.
On February 12th Nolcha Presented their wonderful Lounge showcasing so many wonderful designers.
I had the opportunity to interview Designer Marlin Jones about his Taylord Blu label.
“I am honored to be a part of Nolcha Fashion Week: New York for the first time. This reinforces the fact that dreams really do come true. If you work hard and stay true to who you are, it all pays off in the end.”
Background: The transition from model to fashion designer was a relatively comfortable one for Marlin Jones. The TaylordBlu Clothing Brand was born out of Marlin’s  love of vintage old Hollywood style. His quest as a designer has always been to redefine the way men dress.
Vision: To make a contribution to fashion just as Ralph Lauren has made to “redefining the American style” and how men dress.
Signature Style: Marlin Jones’ signature style is Vintage Hollywood with a modern touch.

Influence: Marlin Jones’ direction as a designer has been especially influenced by his fascination with the fashions of the 1920’s through the 1950’s – a defining time in fashion and American history.

Brand Philosophy: Through the core values of meticulous aesthetics, quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, TaylordBlu wants to make sure that when a man walks into a room, he feels confident and exudes a sense of pride and individual style. “Custom Made. Individually Inspired.”

If you could dress any celebrity, who would it be and why? I would love to dress Will Smith for several reasons. I think that our fashion styles parallel each other of less is more. I would say that we both enjoy mixing sharp blazers with dressy denim and a button down shirt, coupled with a nice pair of oxfords that showcases a cool pair of colorful socks, for that added touch. So, having the pleasure of dressing Mr. Smith would be like dressing myself.

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Another designer that I interviewed at the lounge was Elizabeth Shaw about her label Eva Shaw Designs.
Elizabeth reveals, “We are proud and excited to be able to participate in one of the pre-eminent Fashion Week events featuring independent designers.”

Background: Liz has a background in art history and fashion merchandising, while Eva has a Graduate Gemologist degree from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

Vision: Our vision is to create a space in the jewelry industry where women can buy and wear jewelry made of quality materials and real gemstones without the big price tag. There are so many amazing gemstones out there that not many people know about, and it’s about time they did!

Signature style: Like our home town, New York City, we have an eclectic style, at times classic, at times bold but always unforgettable.
Influence: We are influenced by art, the history of fashion, timeless jewelry designs and classic silhouettes. We then combine that with our own modern, edgy elements to create jewelry that’s uniquely ESD. But overall the largest influence comes from the gemstones themselves. The color, cut and size of stone will determine how it is used in a piece of jewelry.
Brand philosophy: You can wear modern, elegant, real gemstone jewelry that expresses your unique style without the hefty price tag.
Making it happen: All of our designs are made by us in NYC. We ethically source all of our stones personally and work with a multitude of mines, lapidaries and suppliers both in the USA and abroad.

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During the week I was able to attend a few of Nolcha Fashion Week Shows.  One in particlar was Yvette Hass Fall/Winter 2015.
Yvette Hass is the founder and designer of YVETTE HASS.  She is originally from Sweden, and has studied fashion at Fashion College in Malmoe and worked as a designer in Sweden for several years.
Yvette also lived in Hong Kong where she worked with production for various Scandinavian brands.  After years of learning fabrics, materials and the production line, she decided to start YVETTE HASS in 2012.
Vision: YVETTE HASS believes in creating mini collections with a high degree of fashion that creates a demand, covet and a curiosity about what’s next to come.
Signature Style: Feminine modern silhouettes, leather, silk, beads and feathers.
Influence: It is based on my own style with some Scandinavian characteristics ”
Brand Philosophy: YVETTE HASS want to create strong individual pieces rather than a choral collection. Made for everyday wear from day-time to night-time.Essential pieces to build a wardrobe around, easy to combine in color and long-lasting in both style and extension of upcoming collections
If you could dress any celebrity who would it be and why?: Beautiful Beyonce Knowles, a strong independent woman and role model.
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