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Liberty Fairs At Pier 94 on the Westside Highway in NYC and held January 19-21, 2015

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LIBERTY FAIRS theme was To the Moon, "We've given you our hearts and souls and now we are giving you the moon" and a very clever saying I feel. The fair was at Pier 94 on the Westside Highway in NYC and held January 19-21, 2015.  Liberty is a fashion and lifestyle fair that features plenty of new and upcoming men swear designers that feature a new perspective on some old product classifications for the hip, trendy and contemporary market This show is for industry people only and not open to the public. Shown in bottom photo are the staff wearing some of the "To The Moon" clothing. I hope you can guess that the middle photo is the Moon!!  For more information ;
Article and Photos by Stylist Patricia Parenti
GRIFTER USA is a company that makes Motorcycle inspired gloves in Gloversville, NY where most of my collection of Tender Gloving Care vintage ladies gloves are from. This city use to be the glove capitol of USA at one time and I'm so proud of this company for trying to bring back the glove business there. Even the textured Bison and Deer leather is sourced from the tannery down the road from the factory that makes them. The owner is featured in the first photo and he designs and finishes the gloves in Metro DC area so he's keeping production all in the Untied States. The recipe that makes these gloves vintage is from the 1800's and is used to make the gloves look antique, also to condition the leather to keep in from drying out (as seen in the last 2 photos.) Tops of the gloves are in camouflage prints and Mexican Blanket fabric lined in deer suede. Since I'm an authority on gloves I think these gloves will last you many many years to come and well worth the money. Retail prices $72.00-$95.00. To order
UNOFISH is a company about basketballs and bags to carry them or anything else you want in. All is made in Italian tumble leather. The company was started by guys who loved Basketball and wanted to use balls that were designed of leather again just like they were 50 years ago, also in different and more colorful leathers. Standard balls on the market today are of Polyurethane not leather. This line is great for Urban Basketball players who take mass transit or walk to the court for they can carry the ball in the matching Knapsack.  Bags have many inside compartments which are edged with matching leather for strength. Band on back holds the straps for added support on your back so the straps don't tear or fall off your back (like all knapsacks do on my small back), padded straps and adjustable strap on bottom makes the bag fit just right on your back. Then this must be the perfect bag for me too. The bottom of bag inside is lined with fur calf and the outside bottom has metal feet so the bag doesn't get dirty or worn out when you set it down on the ground. Charitable aspect of the brand is when anyone purchases an Unofish product the company donates balls to community organizations and after school programs to give kids who can't afford balls one of theirs. Retail prices Balls $250.00, Bag and Ball $695.00.  To order
MELIN is a premium baseball hat company that Brian E. McDonell started from searching for high end baseball hats but couldn't find. The special thing about this line is the boxes that the hats come in which are inspired from old millinery boxes. He created these boxes to make sure hats last forever. Great idea since they are made from leather wrapped over corrugated cardboard. All hats and boxes come with a certificate of authority so you know they are the real deal and not counterfeit copies from Asia. These hats must pass 36 points of inspection before they are stamped with a seal of approval. Box closing makes a sound like a Bentley car door closing so I guess you would say that these are the "Bentleys" of baseball caps. Such luxury fabrics used are cashmere from Loro Piana, leathers from Spain and Italy along with moisture wicking linings to keep moisture away from the cap.  In the bottom photo the logo under the brim symbolizes achievement. Retail prices $180.00-$1,200.00. To order ;
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Article and Photos by Stylist Patricia Parenti
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