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Platinum Blonde Hair is the Latest Trendy Hair Color For 2015

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Marilyn Monroe
The trendiest hair color  going into 2015 include ombré, platinum, babylights, dip-dyes and bright hues.

Take it from me darlings, Platinum blonde is not easy to have.  I have had it for twenty years.  I love it though.  There are some celebrities that have this wonderful color but look awful.  My favorites are Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani and Madonna who always look fabulous platinum blonde! The ultimate blonde of course was Marilyn Monroe. As you know everyone has a season of colors that you look good in those tones.  Winter, brights, red, purple, black and white are great for platinum blonde hair.  If you are autumn, red hair is usually an appropriate hair color. Warm tones like gold, rust, green and brown are complimentary.

My favorite of course is platinum.  Take a look at these fabulous photos of celebrities that wear platinumn well!
Christina Aguilera
Gwen Stefani
Lady Gaga
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