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Game Show Host Michael Hope Game On Trivia at Parlay Restaurant in Rockville Center, NY

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Game Show Trivia Cognac Interviews
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Game Show Host Michael Hope from Game On Trivia at Parlay Restaurant in Rockville Center Long Island
Game Show Host Michael Hope poses for a  photo-op with TV Host and Entertainment Journalist Cognac Wellerlane at Parlay Restaurant for another Game On Trivia Event at Parlay Restaurant in Rockville Center, NY
What do most budget-conscious people do on a weekday night?  They probably go to the latest movie flick, have some  drinks or have a nice dinner out or they stay at home and entertain themselves.  Now there’s a new choice that is guaranteed to be fun, entertaining, and can involve one person, a couple, or a group of friends and do it all for the less than the price of a  movie ticket. 
Game On Trivia Night is now weekly game show at one of your favorite restaurants or venue with a live audience.  Until now the interactive Game On had been on Facebook only.  HostMike Hope would ask a weekly trivia question and Facebook fans would text in their responses for prizes.  With over a thousand people responding a week, Mike Hope decided to take Game On before a live audience.
When you consider the long-term popularity of Jeopardy, The Price Is Right and Family Feud, it’s clear that people love watching game shows and they want to be on a game show.  But getting on national television is no easy feat.  The travel, the auditions, the competitions—this is a dream that’s unlikely to materialize for all those people who yell out the answers to the $Million dollar question in front of the television.  But Game On  Trivia Night can fulfill that desire to participate in a game show, win prizes, and ultimately have a great evening out for the same price as going out to a movie.
Here is how the Game On Trivia Night is played:  An exciting atmosphere with friendly competition fueled by fun general knowledge questions that will test your teams wits and fast recollection of TV and movie clues,  music,  literature, pop culture, sports,  and more.  Participants play in teams of one to six people. Surprise theme rounds are included based on current events,  holidays,  major sporting events,  and more!  All Game Play is shown on screens throughout the entertainment venue adding a visual dimension for more fun!
The Fast Five tiebreaker showdown is alway highlight.  This can range from answering a different trivia question to a physical task. 
This promises to be a fun and exciting evening and something totally different from anything else you’d find at a bar scene.  What’s more is that each Game On  Trivia Night will be a unique ‘Game show experience’ that will be remembered and can be shared with friends and family alike.
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