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Nolcha Spring/Summer 2015

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Hello Darlings, Welcome Back to Cognac's Corner Magazine
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Nolcha Fashion Week Interviews
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Designer Dolly Donshey, from, Susan Henson from and Designer Jarn Ratnakumar from at Nolcha Fashion Week
Hello darlings, Welcome back to Cognac's Corner Magazine.
During New York Fashion Week I attended Nolcha Fashion Week and spoke to some designers about their collections, their mission and vision.
Below are some of my choices:
Monstruosité Spring/Summer 2015
Designer Dolly Donshey from Monstruosité Brand poses for a photo-op  at Nolcha Fashion Week Spring 2015
Monstruosité (formerly House of Donshey), a high fashion millinery brand, was founded in 2010 by Fashion Designer Dolly Donshey after studying the art of millinery making under renowned milliner Jan Wutkowski, alumni of the Melbourne School of Millinery in Australia.
Since inception, the brand has been featured in publications and media around the world and worn by celebrities such as Sasha Pieterse and Carmen Electra.
Monstruosité's vision focuses heavily on bringing concepts to life by integrating music, art and theatrical elements to showcase the ideas behind the designs. Monstruosité views fashion and millinery as a way to tell a story and push creative boundaries, while also focusing the utmost attention to detail.

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Baxter Designs 2015
Baxter Designs started as a high end designer workroom in Philadelphia in 2004 by Designer Amy  Baxter.

The Brand serves residential clients as well as the Park Hyatt, Sofitel Hotel, and many Philadelphia Designers. They now exclusively manufacture handbags and decorative pillows.

Baxter Designs vision  is after seeing the high end designer fabrics change to fun colors and sophisticated patterns and using this as a resource, they created a fresh new look for totes and handbags. These new fabrics wear as well as leather, but look completely unique.
Their signature style is simple clean tote and handbag styles, bold colors and patterns and they use industry high end fabrics.
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 LYLA JARN Spring/Summer 2015
Attorney Jarn Ratnakumar is the founder, CEO and Director of Design at LYLA JARN. Before pursuing a career in fashion, Jarn completed her Masters in Law and Legal Practice in Sydney, Australia and has spent years in the Legal and Compliance sectors of the Financial Services industry. However the awareness of her passion and destiny has been following her for years as Jarn had always been curiously drawn to the imaginative world of fashion. It would bring her such joy to delve into this art of fashion design; to create different “looks” for herself, her friends and colleagues. Her fashion dream was engulfing her with one magnificent eruption after another. Jarn has realized her dream and truly believes this is her purpose and destiny.

Jarn’s mission is to merge her life experiences and her designs to help empower women and enable them to dream creatively, increase spiritual intelligence, and reach their fullest potential; all while exhibiting a flair for style.

The brand's signature style is luxurious feminine clothing that will empower women while also allowing for self-expression and authenticity with the use of sophisticated yet playful unique prints, energizing textures and glamorously innovative design.
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