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Milliner Felicity Brown Premieres are Spring 2015 Collection at Fashion Gallery at New York Fashion Week

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Cognac Wellerlane interviews Hat Designer Felicity Browm
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane Interviews Hat Designer Felicity Brown at Fashion Gallery NYFW S/S 2015 Collections at Helen Mills during New York Fashion Week
Milliner Felicity Brown Premieres are Spring 2015 Collection at Fashion Gallery at New York Fashion Week
"Hats by Felicity" premiered on Sunday September 6, 2014 during New York Fashion Week at the Helen Mills Center. The show stunned fashion audiences and enhanced Australian milliner Felicity Brown's image and reputation. This opportunity may give the designer a chance to create some fabulous headpieces for films.
After New York Fashion Week, Felicity  will return to her full-time job in Australia, yet she is setting sights on her future. "I don't have a burning desire to open up 16,000 shops around the world, I don't even want a single member of staff," she said, according to All she wants is some creative work opportunities, such as making some great bits of work, perhaps.
Last year, in February, 2013, she was diagnosed with melanoma. It may not have been the karma for this show at New York Fashion Week. Yet, it stoked her interest in millinery further. There were two surgeries on her arm, the second one preventing her from driving to the field as a project officer with the Department of Agriculture and Food. So she began to plan a trip to the U.S., based on last year's New York Fashion Week, unaware that it was not possible to buy tickets for the show. She had made it to New York, but not to the programme.
It was a few chance meetings with hotel concierges that threw some invites her way. Felicity met the organiser, who was managing the programme for emerging designers. Within two weeks she not only got an invite for the September 2014 show but also to exhibit her 2015 Spring and Summer collection!
Felicity reveals "Usually when you travel you have a few quirky things go wrong, but I had everything go better than right,'' she revealed to She is convinced that fate had a hand in the strange coordination of events. She is even rather grateful for the melanoma diagnosis. "And if the melanoma hadn't happened then none of this would have happened," she added.

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