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Adrian Alicea Spring/Summer 2015

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Fashion Week Adrian Alicea Pleidian Vogue Cognac interview
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Fashion Designer Adrian Alicea after his Spring/Summer 2015 Collection during New York Fashion Week
Adrian Alicea Spring 2015
Adrian Alicea Spring 2015 - Photos by Bill-Lee Lanndis
Adrian Alicea Spring 2015
Fashion Designer Adrian Alicea premiered his Spring/Summer 2015 line during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The Spring/Summer collection, entitled “Pleiadian Vogue,” draws inspiration from the Pleiadian Realm. “The Pleiadians a race of humanoid aliens that travel to earth from the electric, luminous-blue Pleiades Star Cluster. The concept of these mystical aliens navigating the ordinary in their extraordinary presence communicate to Adrian both as a designer and an individual,” revealed Fashion designer Adrian Alicea during our interview bacstage. Adrian's collection captures the essence of numerous decades including Adrian's designs showcasing an elegant insanity and unearthly beauty that could only have been manufactured through contact with another planet. Imagine paging through a fashion magazine in an alien realm. Imagine “Pleiadian Vogue.”
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