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Edwing D’Angelo Spring 2015

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Fashion Week Edwing D'Angelo Cognac Interviews
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Fashion Designer Edwing D'Angelo, Stylist Jo Lance and Illmatic Scream at Edwing D'Angelo Spring 2015 Show during New York Fashion Week
Edwing D’Angelo Spring 2015
Stylist Jo Lance, TV Host Cognac Wellerlane and Actor Bill Lee Lanndis pose for a photo-op in the front of the House at Edwing D'Angelo Spring 2015
Actor Bill-Lee Lanndis poses for a photo-op with Fashion Designer Edwing D'Angelo on the red carpet at Edwing D’Angelo Spring 2015
Actor Bill-Lee Lanndis poses for a photo-op with TV Host Cognac Wellerlane on the red carpet at Edwing D’Angelo Spring 2015
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane Hip Hop Star Ilatic Scream And Stylist Patricia Ann Parenti pose for a photo-op at Edwing D'Angelo Spring 2015
Edwing D’Angelo Spring 2015 named his fabulous collection “Voices of the Desert,” inspired by the Tuareg people known as Berbers. Berbers are the main inhabitants of the Saharan interior of North Africa. The exotic collection celebrated their traditionally nomadic lifestyle. Fashion Designer Edwing D’Angelo researched the culture on the Moroccan Northern Sahara’s inhabitants and their use of garments and every day life.
D’Angelo was intrigued by the concept of people surviving in the desert and only wearing black.

In our part of the world warm weather signfies light colors. So for his Spring 2015, he departs from that notion of color and presents an all black Spring collection which he finds very mystical and exuberant.
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