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Fashionistas Attend FLEX A New Division of Intermezzo Part of The ENK Family of Shows at the Jacob Javits Center

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Hello Darlings, Welcome Back to Cognac's Corner Magazine
August 3-5, 2014 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City I had the pleasure of attending FLEX a new division of Intermezzo which is part of the ENK family of shows.  FLEX came about because of the new athletic-leisure trend that is happening in the USA right now. Don't you notice as you walk down the street or shop the mall more and more women are wearing workout clothing instead of jeans or leggings as they use to. These ladies of all ages aren't necessarily going to the gym or yoga in these clothes or maybe they are but because of lack of time to change are wearing these clothes all day long. Seeing this trend come about and the need for high quality workout wear ENK decided to add this to Intermezzo (which means immediate) that use to just have ladies work/evening/casual wear. I must say I found lots of new brands and fashions for myself to buy from because I hit the gym 2-3 days most weeks for 34 years. What impressed me the most were the use of high quality stretch fabrics that I don't see from the major labels such as Nike and Adidas which I don't buy because the styling is ugly and plain.
ZARA TEREZ New York The designers  Zara's motto is" to wake up-be happy and feel great about expressing yourself".  She is also hoping you'll have a memorable experience wearing her collection of matching tops/bottoms/bags made right here in the Garment Center in NYC. Gee maybe you'll meet the man of your dreams at the gym or land an interview for a job because you ran into an old friend all while wearing her performance apparel. Outrageous prints are the name of the game in this line of poly/spandex fabrics that have moisture wicking, anti odor and stain release properties. All the prints are original and designed by Zara herself.  The first photo is a print called crushed make-up which is inspired by the crushed make-up she saw as kid in magazines which she there by proceeded to crush her own make-up to design the print from. In the second photo is a fruit print which was inspired by a bowl of sliced fruit.  The last two photos are all about Emqji (icons that are used in social media) such as smiley, symbols, animals and food.  The company has partnered with Soul Cycle which is based in NYC and LA so you can buy her line there or at WWW.ZARATEREZ.COM Retail prices $50-$100.
LVR- is a line of yoga wear that can be worn from the studio to the street. All made in organic pre-shrunk cotton blended with other eco friendly fibers and of course spandex or it wouldn't move with your body when your stretching.  The first photo is a hang tag with a bird on it that represents a wildlife rescue center down in Guatemala that the company donates part of it's profits to every quarter of the year.  They brought back that famous tie dying form the late 1960's only this time they are using dyes that are low impact on the environment. All the tie dying (is done by hand) and making of the garments is in Los Angeles, California. Since I had styled the photos all I can say is this line has very soft fabric and looks very comfortable to wear all day long. Now I would like to see more women wearing these clothes on the street instead of the gray sweats or velour track suits I see them in. Put on the tie dye outfit in the photo with black tights and trendy sneakers then  you look chic plus comfortable all day long. To buy the line and read more about their charity WWW.LVRFASHION.COM
K.DEER haute yoga wear - Designer Kristine Deer (seen wearing the leggings as street wear in the first photo) started hot yoga wear because she felt the luxury market around the world lacked quality fabrics and fun prints. She designs all her own prints in nylon/spandex. The fabrics are meant for performance because they won't fade, stretch out or pile or snag. Her clothes are will wear for a long time not like most of the yoga wear I find in the stores that fades after washing or piles after a few wearings. All the prints are meant to be mixed or matched and can be worn everyday.  Everything is hand cut and sewn in New York City garment center which in it self means great quality.  From my experience with textiles and made in NY this collection is well worth the price because your getting something that you can wear for a few years/not put in the clothing recycling bin at the Farmers Market after one season. Sizes XS-XL  Retail prices: Leggings $82-$114  Crop Tops $46 To buy WWW.KDEERHAUTEYOGAWEAR.COM
KARMA is a line of fashion inspired movement apparel for all active lifestyles. The collection has great feminine details such as ruffles, ruching, mesh insert and open back detailing. Inspiration is from dance and the clothes are designed to show off muscular areas of the body. Great fabrics such as yoga stretch in nylon and spandex blend and bamboo which is an all natural fabric. Dark colors such as as dragon fly, grape, crimson, and night jade make it great to wear to wear on a chilly day in fall/winter to the yoga studio and back in your car to run errands in. Once a year the company (which is based out of Vancouver, Canada) redesigns the yoga wear to have  20-30 new styles. Glamorous and 1980's inspired are the words to describe this line because it doesn't like any other line in the market. Price points $40-$170. To order WWW.KARMAWEAR.COM

Photos and article written by PATRICIA ANN PARENTI
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