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Hello Darlings, Welcome Back to Cognac's Corner Magazine
POOLTRADESHOW is a division of PROJECT NEW YORK that was held at The Jacob Javits Center in NYC July 20-22, 2014,  This is a (wholesale) trade show that caters to trendy and hip boutiques that are looking for fresh new brands not seen in any major stores.
JAECI DESIGNS means Journey, Aim, Experience, Create, Inspire and is a lifestyle jewelry line for men and women. Owner/designer Jenna Consiglio said her inspiration for the line was the result of her Cronic Liver Disease because it got her thinking about her life and appreciate what she had. This made her decide to start to follow her passion in life. To learn the trade she went to Fashion Institute Merchandise (FIDM) and got her degree because she always new she wanted to work in fashion. Her start was because she couldn't find the bracelet she wanted so she designed one on the computer and it was an Aquarian Bracelet. When she wore it people kept asking her for it so one thing led to another and she started making production on jewelry. Being a big fan of quotes she wanted to create jewelry to inspire others to believe in themselves. Her line reflects different quotes and sayings in metals such as stainless steel and 14K plated gold with retails $10.00-$50.00. To figure out "What Animal Are You?"  There is a four question test (see photo for questions) and on the back is the answer. Each card with jewelry on it pertains to a different animal.  Other styles of jewelry are engraved rings/bracelets, word necklaces, three finger rings with sayings on them and many more ideams on the website to see and order.
ESPACIO is a line of handmade leather jewelry by designer/owner/maker Ricky Jaen in Austin, Texas. He uses locally sourced Tandy leather which is vegetable tanned using no chemical process. He dyes/treats/conditions the leather so it doesn't bleed when it's wet which is a great feature when you get caught in the rain or snow. All this time consuming work is done in house by Ricky whom has a Fine Arts background and his partner who has a graphic art background. The line was launched in 2013 because they thought their was a hole in the market for mid price range men's accessories. They also design all their own labels and packaging. The flask is handstiched on one side and the other side says HOOCH; perfect to take to all the music festivals around the USA. Both the flask and jewelry are cowhide leather with laser designs. Retail prices jewelry $40-$60, Flask $60-$70. To order and see each style up close
LOLAFALK by designer/owner/maker Lauren Falkowski and is handmade all by her in Brooklyn, NY. She started this line as a hobby five years ago with bags in fabrics such as taffeta, cotton, satin and went into leather in 2010. When the line was started she made women's but ended up making men's wallets and accessories because they sold better. Napa leather is used and styles have multi functional aspects such as zipper pockets on the outside of the bags. The bags have bright multicolor linings (see photo). The designer and I met and talked at a retail show before this in NYC where we were both selling because of our love of color in accessories. The great part about this line is the customer can pick their own color combinations to have made to order. To buy her bags, wallets and other accessories go to
Article and Photos by Patricia Parenti
QILO is a line of five panel Baseball Caps designed by Mike Stein (boy in photo with leather crown on his head). I asked him who wears these crowns and he said hip hop boys and some recording stars. I find the crowns a refreshing change from your usual baseball caps but it takes a certain fun kind of guy to wear them. They belong in the store Atrium on Broadway in NYC because that store carries the newest fashions for men.  Fabrics used are corduroy, suede and leather and all have adjustable back straps. The top photo is a pineapple print with suede brim and is a fun print to wear. The labels on the front of the cap are written in Hebrew and mean 1,000 Kilograms in English. To order:
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