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Liberty Fair Part 2

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Hello Darlings, Welcome Back to Cognac's Corner Magazine
M.R.K.T stands for MAD RABBIT KICKING TIGER! Well if you thought this was an Asian name you were right for this collection of men's accessories were designed by a Harvard trained architect based out of Shanghai. The designer was one of the first people in the market that uses lazar cut felt (treated and pressed) that doesn't pile. Well that is wonderful news because of all the friction that is created in wearing felt than you can be assured that piling is going to happen. The bags are architectural inspired with three dimensional minimal clean lines. Many styles include media pockets/sleeves, messenger bags, utility bags, briefcases and backpacks with materials in vegan leather, micro-suede/leather, felts in neon/bright colors, bio-degradable and recycled fabrics. Retail price points $70.00-$160.00
J SHOES is a line of all leather shoes for men and women. The shoes are made in China and India in factories that originally made the brands Camper and Doctor Martin Brands of shoes. Since I use to be in the shoe business I can easily tell these shoes are of the highest quality and were hand crafted. Cowhide from Argentina is used for the soles and heels and are buffed by hand using sandpaper. These shoes go thru 85 individual steps before they find their way onto your feet. All this is telling you that they won't fall apart and will last many years even if you pound the pavement like I do in NYC. Styles such as as The Brogue, The Derby, The Lace-Up and The Chukka are fashioned after traditional men's shoes and designed by Nick Drury who is based in the UK. Modeling the shoes in the photo is my friend Giovanni Cassinelli, East Coast Sales Rep. and Courtney Webster, Global Marketing Manager.
Article and Photos by Patricia Parenti
BLOOD & TEARS EYEWEARwas started four years ago to offer people different and unique eyewear because the designers were tired of seeing walking billboards (people) with designer glasses. Do they mean NYC where everyone is so logo obsessed in their sunglasses? They felt a couple of things were missing in glasses such as bright colors and bold unique frames so they took classic shapes and incorporated these elements in them. The difference between other brands and their eyewear is their frames sit higher on the nose bridge which is a good thing for people with small faces like me because this way the glasses don't slide down your nose. All made in Istanbul, Turkey for men and women. You can buy them and some other unique brands from all over the world at the store The Monocle Order, 3 Devoe Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, Phone: 866-238-7963, Shop hours: M-F 10-7, S-S 12-6. L train to Lorimer Street

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