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Hello Darlings, Welcome Back to Cognac's Corner Magazine
LIBERTY FASHION & LIFESTYLE FAIRS was held at Pier 94 in NYC July 20-22, 2014 and is a (wholesale) trade show for the contemporary market that features men's clothing, shoes, accessories and grooming products.

Two of the vendors I interviewed have brought back MADE IN AMERICA clothing and accessories. This is a cause I firmly believe in for the quality is better in the products and American people will have work. Both also manufacture right here in NYC where most of this country's clothing and accessories use to be made until the 1960's.
ALEXANDER NASH makes a collection of classic tailored clothing to fit the modern man but with a vintage look. His original inspiration for his clothing came from the front hall closet in his childhood home where his father kept his tailored Ivy League clothes that he wore in college from the 1940's. You can see some of the examples of this from the photo with the vintage plaid pants. From all of this and his mother bringing him to vintage stores 40 years ago he developed an eye for bespoke menswear.  He took accents from his fathers wardrobe to make new creations. Alexander is in the guy in the orange linen pants and pinstripe blazer and is in the photo along with his associates who are also wearing his new collection. I truly loved his collection and the fact that his staff would custom fit you for his store and workshop are located at 112 West 27th Street, Suite 502, NYC, 212-924-2980, Call for hours and days.
Article and Photos by Patricia Parenti
KNICKERBOCKER MFG.CO was started one year ago by Andrew Livingston with Kickstart funds in a 60 year old factory that use to be Watman Headwear Corporation in Brooklyn, NY which use to make hats for other companies. Now they only make their own line. All the cut and sew caps are made by hand as you see in the photos. Liberty Fairs had the company bring in their machines and employees to allow the show attendees to pick out fabrics and trims to create a custom made cap on the spot. I loved the fact that they use vintage sewing machines alongside computerized models to make the hats. The fabrics are of high quality and the workmanship superb but I wouldn't expect anything less for they are made by Americans.
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