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Arthamptons 2014

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Life Coach Author Susan Korwin, Stylist Patricia Parenti and TV Host and Entertainment Journalist Cognac Wellerlane pose for a photo-op at Arthamptons 2014 in Bridgehampton, NY
Life Coach Author Susan Korwin and Actor Bill-Lee Lanndis pose for a photo-op at Arthamptons 2014
Arthamptons 2014
Arthamptons 2014
TV Host and Entertainment Journalist Cognac Wellerlane poses for a photo-op at Arthamptons 2014
Arthamptons 2014 Artist Kevin Berlin
Arthamptons 2014- The Redhead, The Blond and The Brunette  Life Coach Susan Korwin, TV Host and Entertainment Journalist Cognac Wellerlane and Stylist Patricia Parenti pose for a photo-op at Pierre's Restaurant in Bridgehampton before attending Arthampton 2014.
This year Arthamptons exbibit were stunning, exciting and exhilarating to view.

I had the pleasure of interviewing three wonderful art experts.

President Vassil Lefterov from Red Royalty Gallery discussed his gallery's Art pieces.

Red Royalty Gallery (RRG) is the first gallery in New York City to specialize in contemporary Eastern European and Russian art.

In the midst of tens of art galleries in the Lower East Side, Red Royalty Gallery, situated at Delancey and Allen Street, is something very different. It is a salon-type contemporary art gallery, rooted back in Art nouveau's eclectic philosophy and the tradition of totality and theatricality: wooden floors, decorated storefront windows, and high chandeliered ceilings, We are pushing for the timely transcension of the widely accepted white cube model for galleries, as we believe that this format has played its role in the history of art, and is slowly becoming dysfunctional as, paradoxically, even temporary art fair booths often get a lot more people traffic in a day than some galleries do in a year. Our philosophy is targeted at the young collectors - those who will be shaping the future of contemporary art when O'Doherty's ideology becomes extinct.
I had a pleasant with Director Cheryl Sokolow from C-Fine Art in her booth filled with amazing sculptures.

C Fine Art excels in the acquisition and placement of larger scale, outdoor and indoor sculpture.

They represent the work of mid- to late-career international artists, focusing on abstract and semi-representational sculpture and wall pieces.

Hers art space projects specialize in both building private collections and curating compelling exhibitions of larger scale, outdoor sculpture; commissions and site-specific projects are welcomed.

C Fine Art champions the work of artists who embrace an inventive and unique way of exploring and defining space, revealing a discursive, yet unified, physicality - one that examines our own notions of physical and psychological 'being', relationships and perspective with regard to our environment.

C Fine Art provides estimate reports for existing collections and offers consulting and advisory services to both individual and corporate clients.

Owner Cheryl Sokolow has over 20 years experience in the art business. She has both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Art History.

Famous Artist Kevin Berlin shared his inspirations during our interview.

Internationally renowned artist Kevin Berlin's works are found in the collections of Kim Basinger, Luciano Pavarotti, David Letterman, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Dudley and Lisa Anderson, Quincy Jones, Buzz Aldrin, Henry Buhl, and General Motors Corp. Berlin, a Yale University Alumnus, studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Shanghai Daily, The Miami Herald, USA Today, MTV, Tokyo Television, BBC Radio and over 40 television stations across the United States. Berlin was honored by President Reagan at The White House as a Young Arts Presidential Scholar in 1983. Kevin Berlin's recent major solo exhibitions include shows in Shanghai, Kiev, Chicago, and New York City.

ArtHamptons is the largest art fair on the East End.

The culture of the Hamptons has been formed, in part, by the broad strokes of the Abstract Expressionist movement. Rick Friedman, president of ArtHamptons and an East End resident, became an avid art collector about 10 years ago and was struck by the historical and cultural significance of the area. As his collection grew and his preferences took shape, Friedman noticed that many of America’s most treasured artists had a connection to the Hamptons.

“It started to hit home,” said Friedman, “that some of the most famous artists in American history, and certainly of the 20th century, lived in the neighborhood. It was startling to see, and I thought it was really special.”

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