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Edwin D'Angelo Fall /Winter 2014

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Edwin D'Angelo Fall /Winter 2014
Edwin D'Angelo Fall/Winter 2014 was inspired by the middle of the 20th Century British Aristocracy. Edwin reveal it's called  "Anglomania," conveniently popularized by the smash hit TV drama Downton Abbey. Although Edwin has never really seen "Downton Abbey" he adores the old British aesthetics for years. The simpler styles embraced by the British aristocracy at their country estates earlier in the 20th century transitioned their way into town wear. D'Angelo explores that simplicity by revisiting hues, textures and details originated from that period. The garments have a modern twist, including riding attire, for both men and women significantly the redingote: coats for riding for both sexes, for men astride and women sidesaddle, the name itself slang for "riding coat." Anglomania is elite high fashion that had been born from the mystique of clothing used in the utility mode, transferring its purpose into hierarchy as the clothing styles migrated from country to town. "The birth of the bipolar consumer," reveals Fashion Designer Edwin D'Angelo.
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