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TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Designer Erin Fetherston at NY Fashion Week

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Erin Fetherston Fall 2014

The Erin Fetherston Fall 2014 Collection was inspired by the nostalgic period when debutantes went to Charm School. The whole appeal of the show was "Charmed, I'm Sure." And charming it most definately was. When I was a teenager the Barbizon Hotel was where affluent young ladies attended before they went into business or married a millionnaire, You know that Upper East Side female residence hall where Grace Kelly, Sylvia Plath, Joan Didion, and Cybill Shepherd all boarded at one time or another in the middle of the last century right around the time I was thinking about getting into show business.
Ms. Fetherston showcased her collection of retro early sixty's inspired garments and dresses that offered a mod twist on how she would like young girls to dress for an evening out on on the town  in Manhattan, Paris and London.
Fetherston's models stood and sat together on risers in an unexpectedly elegant little room at the W Hotel in Union Square offering cocktails and champagne to her fasuion audience.  One show stopper in the collection was a beautiful floral appliqué gown with a ball skirt and a curved crop top,  "I wanted to show it in a tableau format so that you could see all the layers," revealed Erin Fetherston.
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