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Designer Lee Jean Youn being launches His Fall 2014 Collection At Lincoln Center During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

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Lee Jean Youn Fall 2014
Designer Lee Jean Youn being launched his artistic whimsical and  women’s ready-to-wear collection in New York for Fall 2014 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on February 7th.

Phoebe Philo is currently behind the collections most closely resembling the intersection of comfort and innovation that today's modern woman wants.  Youn’s playful artistic creations are an inspiraton to women who dare to be different from the norm and his creations embrace all that desire to be individual. 

As we all know Fashion has declined from being artistic and more conventional so it was a pleasure and refreshing to see this young brilliant designer create a more challenging collection. There was also plenty of headwear which I feel that every woman should complete an ensemble with a hair or head adornment.

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