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Hello Darlings, Welcome Back to Cognac's Corner Magazine
PROJECT NYC was held January 21-23, 2014 at Pier 94 which is located at 55th Street and 12th Avenue. As they say in show business "the show must go on " and that it did even with a huge snowstorm outside.  This is a trade show for the upscale men's clothing industry that features tailored, contemporary and trendy clothing and accessories.  Launched this season were two new sections; Tomorrow NYC which featured a selection of innovative new brands from around the world and Project Grooming NYC that consist of men's shaving and hair products.  Both new sections showed some amazing new talent with fresh ideas in their product category.
BROOKLYN GROOMING is the first men's grooming line from Brooklyn. It's all handcrafted with natural ingredients and is named after neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY. Each area has a different scent. Fort Greene has a lavender, rosemary and bergamot sent; Williamsburg smells like ylang ylang and whiskey; Red Hook is cardamom and elemi smelling. I sniffed them all and they were all a wonderful sent for a man.  Some of the products they offer are beard oil and we all know every male hipster sports a beard nowadays, facial serum to keep the face from getting dry, beard balm which is perfect to keep the beard neat and not looking like a man from the 1800's, mustache wax great for the vintage male and shave oil that is useful for all males that shave.  Some other ideams they carry are hair oils that consist of coconut oil, Moroccan oil and avocado oil. They also carry a plain unscented line for those of you who don't like scents. What is interesting about this line is that it's made by a man and woman. McKenzie Santiago makes all the products in her studio in Brooklyn and Alfredo Ortiz does all the packaging and marketing.
HAIRBOND is the fastest growing hair car in the world. Scott Michaels founder (seen in photo below) started making products in Lancaster, England for his own salon in 2008. The products for men consist of: Moulder a professional hair shaper that creates separations in the hair with a matt finish, Distorter a hair clay that creates texture with a supple finish and is great for thick straight hair, Shaper a hair toffee is ideal for shape/texture and has a strong hold, Sculptor a hair putty used for a soft and easy look on dry hair, and last of all Structure shampoo and conditioner. All the products are great to control men's hair and make it look the model's hair in the magazines.
STUDIO MANHATTAN ART & DESIGN is based in Manhattan and combines photography and and wearable art. I interviewed Emily (whom is shown in the booth photo) about what makes the line special. She said the art work is all original photography done by her husband whom is a local NYC photographer. He started four years ago just doing artwork then changed into accessories. The line is hand printed using the photograph on to the leather wallets, belts, bags and other functional accessories. The accessories are made of stonewashed canvas and leather which retail for $95.00 - $140.00
DAVID HART has the most beautiful men's line I've seen in ready to wear that is should actually be called couture. His background is women's designer clothing where he has worked for Ana Sui, Tommy Hilfiger mens, and Ralph Lauren sweaters. He started with ties in 2009 and has grown into a full men's collection including shoes. The line was inspired this season from the TV show "The Twighlight Zone" from the early days of TV. His clothing was influenced by the 1950's but modernized with a slimmer fit, higher waist trouser, un-darted front of jacket and smaller collars.  The fabrics are the top of line and I should know since I use to buy these kinds of fabrics for a hair accessory line I designed. They consist of fabrics from a by gone era and rarely used anymore but they have such exceptional quality not found in any clothing of today. Such luxury fabrics as hop-sack, mohair, silk shantung, and bemberg rayon in the linings. One special jacket he did looked like old fashion television static and was even in black and white colors. A tuxedo jacket was in silk foulard that came with mohair trousers with satin side stripes. I would love to see a man wear this instead of the boring black tuxes they all wear to the black tie events I attend.  Fisherman's sweaters (retail $495.00) are hand knit in Ireland and will keep you very warm in the cold weather but also will last forever. All tailored clothing is Made in the USA and of the highest quality. Jacket prices $1,350.00 - $1895.00.  David can be seen below modeling his own creations.
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