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Friends of Henry Golis-Wish You A Merry Christmas

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The Friends of Henry Golis-Wish You A Merry Christmas, a collection of original songs, is fast becoming a classic potpourri of must-have music for the winter holiday season. It features the Jordanaires, a well-known back-up group for the legendary Elvis, as well as other artists associated with popular standards.
The Jordanaires’ rendition of the original piece, “The Chapel On The Hill,” is one of the most memorable songs on the album; it conveys the true spirit of Christmas with both its melody and lyrics. Val Martinez, of Four Seasons' fame, sings a heartwarming “It Will Be A Merry Christmas,”and well-known TV announcer and radio personality, Dick Heatherton, narrates the sentimental song,“Christmas Lights.
Larry Foster, of the renowned Kirby Stone Four, sings the wonderful ballad, “Dream Christmas,” and the rest of the songs have a certain magical quality, just perfect to take one on a sentimental and nostalgic home-at-the-hearth journey throughout the season. 
The album is destined to be an all-time Christmas favorite:
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