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Nolcha Rusk Interview with Artistic Director Gerard Caruso
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Celebrity Stylist and Artistic Director Gerard Caruso of Rusk Hair Care at Nolcha Fashion Week Spring 2014 during NY Fashion Week
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Nolcha Claire Bijoux Coquette and Ashley Moody from Biovea
TV Host Cognac Wellelane interviews the designer from Bijoux Coquette and Rep Ashley Moody from Biovea at Nolcha Fashion Week
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Nolcha Claire Farwell London
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews British Fashion Designer Claire Farwell London after her Nolcha Spring 2014 Collection.
Caro Swimwear
Kasia Roginska was born in Krakow, Poland. As a child Kasia was always passionate about hand sewing simple outfits for her dolls. Her parents, but mainly her father, Jozef, taught  her how to use a sewing machine for her little projects and also encouraged  her to continue her creativity by applying into fashion design school. Shortly after her graduation, the whole family emigrated to USA, state of CT. For a few years Kasia has disconnected from her trade as she became wife and a mother.
In October 2012 Kasia's father passed away unexpectedly and being that close with him, knocked her down for many weeks. Finally in January 2013, a beautiful, exciting idea blossomed and KARO swimwear was born. With the greatest moral support of her husband and family creativity and passion took over filling in the gap after loss making her into whole new person. By creating and designing, she feels like she is making him proud. Kasia feels he's behind it all, helping her, navigating her to the path she belongs ever since she was that little girl that wanted to style her dolls.
Vision: My vision is to create something totally unique, a piece that's not only a swimsuit. I want it to be a piece of art, something that makes woman feel elegant, edgy and sexy at the same time. Each piece has built in something that every female
Signature Style: Bold, bright, asymmetrical, sexy, sophisticated designs with built in gems and jewels.
Influence: I get influenced by fabric I pick, by stones I touch. Sometimes I just take a drive to the stores and walk around and ideas pour into my mind. Many times I get inspired in odd places, then quickly make notes and then let my imagination do the work. I try to stay unique and my influence is the craze of my imagination.
Brand philosophy: Every woman loves to feel sexy and sophisticated and that's what my designs are about. They highlight the features of feminine body, and since all suits are custom , they can only fit that person.
Making it happen: The toughest obstacle was to believe in myself, my abilities to impress people with my work. Designing and creating is my passion, once started, I simply can’t stop until completed.  It’s my childhood love, and now going back to this amazing world of fashion is the dream come true... I met so many amazing and supporting people that make me realize that I am actually  doing something great. I am stronger now and will do all I can to make my dreams happen and to make my dad proud.
Celebrity crush: Hugh Jackman
What does New York City mean to you? NYC is just amazing, the capital of fashion. I am so grateful that my journey brought me here.  Shopping on 5th Ave  and just roaming a city that never sleeps. Now it's my new home, I'm learning more about it each day. I'm very excited to meet more amazing designers and talented people as I showcase my creations. I'm simply thrilled I can be part of the fashion world in NYC.
Claire Farwell London
Claire, originally from England, began her career as a model and actress. She graced the pages of countless fashion magazines, appeared in movies and well known TV commercials across the globe. Her body,  gorgeously fit and feminine, helped her secure work time and time again, with her curves being one of her most marketable assets. In 2009 that all came crashing down.
After a routine first mammogram, Claire learned that she had breast cancer. Claire underwent 5 grueling surgeries to rid her body of the cancer and give her a chance at continuing her life as a devoted wife, mother and career woman. Her only option was to have a mastectomy, and made the choice to have a double mastectomy.
Today, Claire is cancer free yet her battle with cancer and her journey through it have inspired her to reach out to milions of women touched by this devasting disease.
"One life, one body, go out and be all the woman that you ever dreamt of."
Vision: To create original, practical and timeless pieces that are essential items for years to come. Through fashion, Claire Farwell London's desire is to help spread the word that you can be as strong and sexy as ever, and create further breast cancer awareness.
Signature style: Elegant, comfortable & unique designs with a British accent
Influence: Every man or woman touched by breast cancer & their strength to move through each step. YSL, Valentino, Herve Leger, Dior & the list goes on....quality & substance and originality.
Brand philosophy: Designed for the practical, cheeky & classy woman who lives life & tells her story through Claire Farwell London fashion.
Making it happen: Being true to the creativeness within is the only way to live peacefully!
Celebrity crush: Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Princess Diana and the list could go on
What does New York City mean to you? Suprises, late nights, inspiration, fabulous style, perseverance and stamina.
Magdalena Adriane
Upon successful completion of the Viennese master class for fashion and the Master Arte della Moda from the Accademia Italiana in Florence, Magdalena Adriane Toth founded her own label "Magdalena Adriane" in 2009.
From fabulous, flowing, airy materials like tulle, silk and lace, she creates very feminine, romantic and elegant outfits with haute-couture charm. With her timeless collections and their emphasis on tailoring skills and details, they already conquered cities such as New York, Berlin, Paris and Vienna.
The rise of the young designer began in 2011 as Magdalena Adriane presented her Spring/Summer 2012 collection at the Austrian/Slovakian Fashion Night in New York. Shortly after, followed with her participation at the Bread & Butter in Berlin, the Prêt-à-Porter in Paris Expo, the Vienna Fashion Night and MQ Vienna Fashion Week in Vienna.
Since 2012, Magdalena Adriane also designs men's fashion. As for her women's collection, the combination of skilled cuts and intriguing detail-oriented materials are a protruding element. The emphasis is on light fabrics, such as silk, that meet with classic, masculine cuts.
The individual pieces of her collection are custom made for each customer by Magdalena Adriane, from design inception to the finished piece.
Vision: “My creations emphasize the individual style of my clients”, is the credo of Magdalena Adriane. “The Goal is a timeless, stylish and affordable look for any occasion”. Noble materials, traditional tailoring and a feminine lifestyle serve as inspiration for the designer. On this basis, she produces bespoke evening wear, cocktail and wedding dresses with her playful, romantic look that international scene connoisseurs already enjoy in the highest esteem.
Signature style: Elegant outfits with haute-couture charm.
Influence: Having grown up surrounded by Vienna‘s famous ball culture traditions, Magdalena Adriane is very inspired by the excitement of a grand night out. Noble materials, traditional tailoring and a feminine lifestyle also serve as inspiration for the designer.
Brand philosophy: To create a look that is timeless, stylish and affordable, making any occasion a bit more special.
Making it happen: Magdalena Adriane invests her entire passion in the development of her collections. She is therefore overjoyed that her work came across such a positive response and has the chance to present at the Nolcha Fashion Week New York.
Celebrity crush: Joaquin Phoenix (without the beard) and Scarlett Johansson.
What does New York City mean to you? Respect for hard work and craftsmanship and the opportunity to reach many cultures at once.
Bela Criacao
Designer Felicia Persuad  was born and raised in Guyana, South America.  As a young girl, I watched my mother own and operate a textile company. At that point of my life I realized how strong my love was for the fashion world and it is amazing to see a simple sketch come to life.  At the age of 20, I migrated to the US and started working in the Real Estate industry. At the age of 24, I opened my first company, which is a title insurance company named Empire Land Services. This business became successful but I felt that I was still missing something in my life, and I realized that I was suppressing my burning desire for what I love most "Fashion."  I am at the right point of my life with my two boys being old enough to take care of themselves. I've decided to move forward with creating the Bela Criacao fashion line.
Vision: As a designer, my main focus is on the beauty of a woman’s body. I have a strong belief in creating that unique fit that will accentuate the beauty and curves of every woman. I would like for women who wear my collection to feel confident, sexy and sophisticated about themselves.
Signature style: A collection of staples designed to seamlessly fit into a woman’s wardrobe and take her from day to night.  Not to be forgotten, Felicia’s signature prints inspired by the colors and textures of the Brazilian rainforest are also a collection mainstay.
Influence: For Spring 2014 Bela Criacao is inspired by the sights, sounds and culture of South America coupled with a love for the pace and intensity of the modern woman’s lifestyle.
Brand philosophy: Bela Criacao is a “go-to” collection for the woman not afraid to indulge in fashion among the demands of her daily life.
Making it happen: The ultimate challenge that I have faced while creating this brand is not listening to my inner-self.  During the process of creating this collection, there have been unforeseen challenges that I had to overcome. What I have learnt is to do your research to the fullest before making any financial or sourcing decisions.
Celebrity crush: Jenifer Lopez, Mark Harmon and Gwyneth Paltrow
What does New York City mean to you? New York City is the fashion capital of the world.  It inspires and influences my fashion thoughts and ideas because New York City is, culture, fashion, colors, and fabric.  There is nowhere better than New York City to design, create, and make your dream into a reality. New York City gives you that and more.
Danilo Gabrielli
Designer Name: Danilo Gabrielli
“Nolcha Fashion Week is an amazing platform for new emerging designers. They filled a missing gap in the fashion industry. We started with Nolcha and will be forever thankful to them for all they have done.”
Background: Our brand started with our first collection, SS12, with Nolcha in NYC.  AW12 was presented during NY fashion week as well.  We also launched into the London fashion market with the AW12 collection.  Our SS13 collection was presented during London Fashion week as well as our AW13 collection.  We are now in our fifth season (SS14) and are happy to be back home presenting with Nolcha during NY fashion week.
Vision: Danilo Gabrielli’s mission is to design beautiful, timeless designs for women that allow them to feel elegant and confident while being guided by a combination of rustic Italian beauty and classic luxury.
Signature Style: Classic, Structured and elegant with an edgy finish
Influence: I have always been a big admirer of Versace even if my collection does not reflect his style.
Brand Philosophy: To make women feel confident and sexy.
Celebrity Crush: Madonna
What does New York City mean to you? It means opportunity.  It’s the reason that I left Italy many years ago.
Heather Simmons, Mel B and Gerard Caruso at Nolcha Fashion Week
Spice Girl  Mel B  poses for a photo-op at Nolcha Fashion Week
Kelly Rutherford and Chloe Bridges pose for a photo-op at Nolcha Fashion Week
Nolcha Fashion Week is a leading award winning event, held during New York Fashion Week, for independent fashion designers to showcase their collections to a global audience of press, retailers, stylists and industry influencers.
Over the past six years Nolcha Fashion Week: New York has established itself as a platform of discovery promoting innovative fashion designers through runway shows and exhibition.
Nolcha Fashion Week: New York has built an acclaimed reputation as a hot incubator of new fashion design talent and is officially listed by New York City Economic Development Corporation; offering a range of cost effective options to increase designers recognition and develop their business.
The successful showcase consistently receives positive media coverage including features in Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, NBC, MTV and Forbes; and supported by brands including Coca-Cola, RUSK, Vitamin Water, America Airlines, Don Q Rums and Landrover.
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