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The Vanity Project showcases at Nolcha Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013

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Cognacscorner Nolcha TVP Interviews
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Designer Jason Sochol about the The Vanity Project ("TVP") Label at Nolcha Fashion WeekVideo Segment Sponsored by
The Vanity Project showcases at Nolcha Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013
Omri and Jason met at Northwestern University. After Jason's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, both he and and Omri started helping out at events for several Chicago non-profits. Throughout their volunteer work, they noticed that many organizations had ugly, uncomfortable t-shirts. T-shirts are a crucial advocacy tool for non-profits, and when done right, they create conversations that spread awareness for the cause. TVP has since partnered with over 30 non-profits to help them create gear that people actually want to wear.
TVP creates stylish and sustainable apparel that doesn't skimp on quality or comfort.  For Nolcha, we will be debuting a new eco-friendly line featuring unique materials that will significantly reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, TVP allows people to  express themselves by using designs that stand for something. Fashion is a powerful way to help non-profits become culturally relevant and resonate with a larger audience. We want people to think about what they wear rather than buy what's handed to them by the large chain stores.
Understated designs, comfortable fabrics, and superior fit. Meaningful logo design on clothes that you actually want to wear.
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