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Rafael Cennamo's Fall 2013 Couture Collection - Golden Palace of Versailles Was The Inspiration

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TV Host Cognac Wellerlane attends Rafael Cennamo Fall/Winter 2013 at Mercedes Fashion Week.Video Segment Sponsored by
Rafael Cennamo's Fall 2013 Couture Collection
Rafael Cennamo's Fall 2013 Couture Collection showcased in the box for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013,

The designer's inspiration was the golden aura of The Hall of Mirrors." "The mixture of textures and intricate embroideries highlight the artistic style where glamour meets regal design by modern baroque elements and decor".

The presence of golden hues emulated the grand ballroom of the Palace of Versailles, the Sun King's monument to his reign, one of the longest in French and European history, is apt in this case. Louis XIV, also known as Louis the Great, expanded the hunting lodge, originally built in 1624, into the symbol of absolute monarchy of the Ancient Regime that it is today. Versailles became the touchstone of the French royalty, glamoiur and fashion of the day.

The French Revolution, its opulent parties and displays of royal decadence fuel for the mob rage that led to the execution of its royal occupants. Before the family was forced to flee its luxurious environs for Paris in 1789, it was the location for some of the most lavish extravaganzas ever recorded. Cennamo's Fall 2013 presentation featured gowns and dresses that would be well suited to a soiree in that famed hall.

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