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Artist Sonja Eisenberg Brings Hope At the End of the Day at the Leonard Tourné Art Gallery

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Cognacscorner Leonard Tourne Gallery Interviews
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Owner Javier Tourne and Curator Doug Dechert at the Leonard Tourné Art Gallery about Artist Sonja Eisenberg.Bermuda Limousine sponsored the video segment. htt...
Javier Tourne Poses for a photo-op in front of a Sonja Eisenberg Painting at the Leonard Tourné Art Gallery
Javier poses for a photo-op with TV Host Cognac Wellelrane  at the Leonard Tourné Art Gallery
Curator  Doug Dechert  poses for a photo-op with TV Host Cognac Wellerlane at  the Leonard Tourné Art Gallery
Curator Doug Dechert poses for a photo-op with Great Great Grandson of President Tafr,
John Taft at the Leonard Tourné Art Gallery
Celebrity Fashion Blogger Samantha Nicholson and Editorial Board Member Jamas Taranto of the Wall Street Journal poses for a photo-op with TV Host Cognac Wellerlane at the Leonard Tourné Art Gallery
Art lovers enjoyed Artist Sonja Eisenberg's art pieces at the Leonard Tourné Art Gallery located at
Leonard Tourné Inc. believes that art improves the quality of life. Beyond aesthetics, art serves as a mode of communication and fosters independent thinking.
The Gallery also believe that a lot of improvement is needed in our world to achieve sustainable and prosperous lifestyles for future generations and ourselves.
As a social enterprise, LTI is committed to using art as a tool for education, awareness raising, and social change. They promote leadership through art and encourage society to think creatively about how to solve global problems like climate change and poverty.
LTI contributes to society in the following ways:
Charity – A percentage of each sale made through LTI is donated to a cause we believe in. They also join forces with nonprofit organizations and other socially responsible companies to host fundraisers and awareness-raising events.
Education – LTI seeks out partnerships with public school teachers to set up outdoor classrooms, where our artists and staff teach children about both art and environmental protection. They often donate art supplies to inner-city public schools.
Leadership – The gallery promotes emerging artists in our galleries in Manhattan’s SoHo and Upper East Side in New York and Georgetown in Washington, D.C.  and provide other opportunities to help establish and develop their careers. They encourage them to think about the social and environmental impact of their work.
I had a chance to chat with Javier Tourné and Curator Doug Dechert about Artist Sonja Eisenberg and his fascinating exhibit of 50 million year old fossils.

If you are an artist, nonprofit, teacher, or other individual interested in collaborating with Leonard Tourné Inc. on any of its philanthropic initiatives, please contact us at
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