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Hamptons International Film Festival Presented An Exhibition of 20 Photographs of Nobel Laureates by Peter Badge at the Maidstone Arms Inn in East Hampton

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Hiff Peter Badge interview
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Artist Photographer Peter Badge at the Maidstone Arms Inn during the 20th Hamptons International Film Festival
This year, the Hamptons International Film Festival was honored to present film programming in partnership with an exhibition of 20 photographs of Nobel Laureates by Peter Badge.
Badge embarked on this series of photographs of Nobel Laureates in 2000, commissioned by a number of renowned organizations: the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institute and the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., and the Foundation Lindau Nobel Prizewinners Meetings at Lake Constance. This project turned out to be a long-term and still ongoing mission which took him all over the world, capturing the likeness of every living Nobel Laureate in a lasting black-and-white image—more than 300 striking portraits in all. The images with accompanying text were published in “NOBELS: Nobel Laureates photographed by Peter Badge” in 2008. The exhibition offers an intimate look at well-known honorees as well as lesser-known recipients of the prestigious Nobel Prize.
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