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Ed Callahan from ALCHIMIA Marketing & Public Relations Talks about the Documentary "Harry Winston and the Oscars"

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TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Publicist Ed Callahan from ALCHIMIA Marketing & Public Relations about the Documentary Harry Winston and the Oscars

Edward Callahan will be featured majorly in an upcoming documentary titled “Harry Winston and the Oscars” which will air internationally  in Japanese.  One of Japan’s most acclaimed directors, Shogo Watanabe, flew into New York expressly to interview Edward about his role in creating the glitz & glamour on the Red Carpet at the Oscars for over 15 years largely though his extensive network in Hollywood with the top producers, managers and agents. Mr. Callahan was interviewed for over two hours about how he re-invigorated the Harry Winston brand and earned them the status,    Official Jeweler to The Academy Awards. He covered a lot of ground from the early 1980s right up to the last Oscar campaign he handled. That year he ensembled 28 major stars with Winston jewels resulting in a PR campaign that Winston’s advertising agency calculated worth an incredible $63 million in print, broadcast and radio time! 

Fascinating stories are documented on how during Madonna’s performance of the “Dick Tracey” Oscar nominated song, a VERY rich client form the Far East called and asked to have the Harry Winston diamond necklace she was wearing immediately brought to LAX Airport and delivered to one of his staff. He wanted to buy it as an anniversary gift for one of his wives – he didn’t want them to take it to the salon for a cleaning, so the wife got it complete with Madonna’s sweat and makeup on it! Mr. Callahan revealed that Titanic nominee Gloria Stuart into designing her own necklace built around a fabulously huge blue diamond he had Winston bring in from SwitzerlandShe spent several days working with the head jeweler to create the massive 220 carat necklace worth $20 million that she wore to the Oscars – she didn’t win – Kim Basinger,  also dressed by Edward in Harry Winston did - but Gloria’s photo made the front pages of papers around the world! All in all, through Edward’s efforts and that of his partners at the fabled jewelry house Laurence Krashes and Kathleen Kerr who gave him the necessary support, Harry Winston holds the record for having dressed more Oscar winners than any jeweler in the world.  His  favorite line of his is “I’ve been lucky enough to have had my arms around the necks of more beautiful movie stars than Warren Beatty has”. There’s much , much more about everyone form Elizabeth Taylor to Jennifer Lopez to Miss Piggy for whom he had a special hoof “ring” made!

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