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Baruni Fall 2012 Nolcha Fashion Week

Hello darlings, welcome back to Cognac's Corner Magazine and our Special Editon of New York Fashion Week.

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TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Fashion Designer Fadwa Baruni at Nolcha Fashion Week after her Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Fashion Show

Baruni Fall 2012

Fadwa Baruni Fall 2012  Collection's influences are strategically taken  from the structured world of engineering.  Fadwa Baruni's professional design career in Europe and her North African heritage inspired her Fall 2012 collection. Contemporary culture has a strong bearing on her designs but her heritage going back to a leading family in Tripolitania in the early 20th century also has a strong bearing on her style.
The Baruni collection is designed for the woman who enjoys a full life and who requires a wardrobe for comfort.  The collection reflected today's modern career woman relaxing at home with the family, making presentations at the office and enjoying the city night life.

Educated  at Edinburgh College of Art and the Indian master-tailoring Pearl Design Centre, Fadwa mixture of strong fashion sensibilities along with her earlier training in engineering was significant in designing  this season's  collection.  Fall 2012 collection emphasized sophisticated, clean lines and sharp tailoring for a constructed look. 

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