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New York art lovers can attend an exhibit of a series of Steven Katzman's photography at the Masters and Pelavin Art Gallery located at 13 Jay Street in Tribeca, New York

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TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interview Art Curator and Director Todd Masters and Founder Cheryl Pelavin about the works of Steven Katzman that is being exhibited at Masters and Pelavin Art Gallery in Tri...

Artist Steven Katzman's work exhibiting at Masters & Pelavin Art Gallery at 13 Jay Street in Tribeca, New York

Steven Katzman is a self-learned photographer who has combined over the years his long-time interest in political science through his photographic journey. Mr. Katzman does not work from anyone's theories on the appropriate direction for contemporary art. Most of his photographs exemplify the post modernist notion that to be relevant to the final quarter of the 20th century art needs to be political in nature. Katzman is, however, an artist, not a propagandist. Consequently, his images are not overtly political. His art fans and viewers must take time to contemplate about each photograph to arrive at its ultimate message.

Art enthusiasts can enjoy this exhibit fron January 5th, 2012 through February 18th, 2012 at the Master & Pelavin Gallery.

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