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Flood Sisters Host Tusk Spring Preview Collection at their Flagship Store

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TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Designer Carlos Castillo, Stylist and Designer Jason Christopher Peters The Flood Sisters and Tusk Boutique Owner Hiten Manseta at the Stores Spring Preview Coll...

Tusk Owner Hiten Manseta pose for a photo-op at the Brand's Spring Collection

Tusk Spring Collection

Tusk Spring Collection

The Flood Sisters pose for a photo-op at the Cocktail Reception for  Tusk Spring Preview Collection at their Flagship Store

On Thursday, November 10th I was invited to an exclusive night of fashion, beauty, and awareness as The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation of America hosted a cocktail reception at the Tusk Boutique located at 242 West 26th Street in Manhattan for a special preview of the Tusk Spring Collection.

The Flood Sisters are three sisters from New York who saved  their father's life from kidney disease by thinking outside the box and placing an ad on craigslist for a donor!

After a year and 4 months, much publicity and over 100 responses there after, an unknown woman from Monterey, California donated her kidney to our father and saved his life! Through our father's personal journey, we launched a foundation that matches those in need. Today, our foundation has since saved 5 lives!

At The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation of America, they  believe that if we all just gave a little bit more of ourselves, the world could be happier and healthier. As a not for profit corporation, it is their  social and business responsibility to give back to the world.  Their mission is to educate the public on kidney disease and inspire many to donate the greatest gift one could give…life.

Living donation for a kidney is crucial for shortening the waiting time for patients and avoiding repetitive dialysis. An organ transplant immeasurably improves the quality of life for the recipient and often for the donor or the donor's family.

Certainly, it is pure love that initiates and often sustains life. In the field of organ donation, it is love that carries the day, whether it's for an individual recipient or simply for humanity. Organ donors are truly heroes. Everyday, they give of themselves to help others, gaining nothing of material value in return.

Proceeds from the event were donated to

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