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Princess London Shoes Are Not Just For Royals

Hello darlings, welcome back to Cognacs Corner Magazine and our Special Edition of New York Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
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TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Priscilla Monteiro Founder and Creator of Princess London Shoes and Stylist Eric Santiago during New York Fashion WeekSilverplatterserviceinc. is the Official ...

During Fashion Week, my crew and I took a trip downtown to fashionable SOHO  to look at shoes.  Now these were not just any shoes darling, these shoes were designed to make you feel royal with their whimsical designs and jewel encrusted embellishments. hosted a special press junket for the Princess London Shoe line with exotic cocktails and delicious hors d'oeuvres from 3:00 to 6:00 P.M. at the trendy Ruia Boutique in SOHO.

A Project Runway episode was playing on the 55 inch flat screen TV on the 2nd floor of the shoe boutique as guests sipped cocktails.  Fashionistas, buyers, editors and shoe enthusiast were enjoying the cookies and cream, delicious chocolate cookies, yogurt covered pretzels and the tastiest cocktails by Pharrell Williams. I especially enjoyed the  peach flavored cocktail as we all appreciated the fabulous shoes that were showcased.The exquisitely embellished shoe collection was displayed on silver platters decorated with pearls and multi colored jewels as well as precious stones. The collection looked as if it was inspired right out of the whimsical fairytale story Cinderella.

I had a chance to interview Shoe Designer Priscilla Monteiro, the founder and creator of this unique shoe brand. "What made you decide to design shoes," I inquired? "I have always had a foot fetish," she admitted.

Princess London shoes was established in  2010 as a customized ladies footwear company developed from the edgy streets of London and New York. The brand eatures upscale evening wear for the women who seeks a statement shoe. Shoes are embellished with Swarovski crystals feathers, blumes of  flowers, spikes,  pearls and exotic stones. Princess London Shoes are the perfect shoe accessory for any occasion from the red carpet to weddings or a night out on the town. Unlike most footwear companies, shoes can be customized to each customer's specific interest. The shoes are in high demand and sought after by the most famous celebrities. These glamorous shoes are currently available in limited quantities.

To learn where to purchase these sexy shoes please visit

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