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Cognac Wellerlane chats with Esther Nash at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Hello darlings, welcome back to Cognacs Corner Magazine and our Special Edition of New York Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
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Esther Nash talk with Cognac Wellerlane about Fashion Week
Fashion Designer and Art Gallery Owner Esther Nash talks to TV Host Cognac Wellerlane about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and the Tommy HIlfiger is the Official Spons...

Video by William Michael

During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week I had a chance to catch up with Fashion Designer and Art Gallery Owner Esther Nash.   During our interview her favorite shows for the week included Tommy Hilfiger, Rebecca Taylor and Helen Yarmak but more importantly she talked about her two new art galleries in Brooklyn, New York and how she is making a difference in the Art World.

Esther Nash celebrity fashion expert and New York designer studied art and fashion in her  youth.

"Growing up in New York City, I had to decide early on which path to follow as a career. I wanted  to assist other young people to make the right choice for themselves. If a child has talent it should be developed, this gallery would give those without resources the ability to have their work developed and exposed to the Art World and the public via art studios, workshops and the gallery space.

Her Art Gallery for Youth will be a not for profit 501-C-3 corporation created to provide to all Youth with an opportunity to develop and showcase their art work in a gallery to encourage art both as a career path and as a creative outlet. All types of art mediums will be included such as design, fashion, film, photography, video, performance art, sculpture, painting, life drawing, pop art, conceptual art, audio art, and other visual art mediums.

Town House Art Gallery seeks  to expand the dialogue of art by showing work that may not otherwise be represented in commercial for profit galleries There will be special accommodation for young artists that may suffer from physical, emotional, visual or mental impairments or disabilities.

For more info please visit

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