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Hello darlings, welcome back to Cognacs Corner Magazine and our Special Fashion Edition of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

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Farah Angsana Spring 2012
TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Fashion Designer Farah Angsana at her Spring 2012 Show in the Box at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week


The inspiration for Spring 2012 is all about her travels back to Asia and Japan,  The Beauty of the cherry Blossoms and the blue sky and the embroidery.

Fashion was a real  part of Farah Angsana's world since she was a youngster  glancing through magazines featuring  glamorous creations of designers.

She began designing her mother’s and sister’s wardrobes before she even had the basic fashion skills of sketching on a canvas.  Farah would bring her vision to the local tailors and dressmakers describing in detail  how  she perceived the dress  to look, explaining  how it should feel and how it should drape on a woman’s silhouette. 

Her fashion sense grew through stages of approval  before it were clear that she had a future in haute couture.

More Celebrities, More Red Carpet Events and More Fashion in our Special Edition for Cognacs Corner Magazine.

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